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Game ELITE 2


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Game Elite II 

This is a list of what keys do what. I have gathered this from playing the game so some might do more then I know of. This game is AWSOME! Can't wait till it comes out in english.
The easiest way to get arround, I have found, is to use your autopilot. Some
scenarios don't give you an autopilot, so I sell my gun and get one, as it 
really speeds things up.
Also, if you hit escape twice, then in the first row of options, select the second to last one instead of the last one, it will lower the display detail and make the animations MUCH smoother. Also, clicking on the option that has the word elite in it makes the flight more realistic. Give it a try.
If you find anything else I have missed, add it and rerelease these docs. Use the filename format of EL2DOCR?.ZIP if you would. Replace the ? with the release number. Just add one to the latest one you have seen. Enjoy!
Originally done by KILDRED!

From Main Screen
F1 - Toggle Ship's View
A. Rear View
B. Outside View
C. Front View
F2 - Toggle Map View
A. Galaxy Map - Brings up more controls
F6 - System Info - Brings up more controls
F7 - Imports / Exports
F8 - Government / Population
F10 - Solar System Display
F7 - Zoom In
F8 - Zoom Out
F9 - Display Toggles - Brings up more controls
F7 - Toggle Hight Lines
F8 - Toggle Grid
F9 - Toggle Map Routes 
F10 - Toggle Display of Solar System Names
F10 - Display Universe
B. Current Solar System Map - Brings up more controls
F7 - Zoom In 
F8 - Zoom Out 
F9 - Display Toggles - Brings up more controls
F9 - Toggle Planet Orbit Lines
F10 - Toggle Planet Names Display
F10 - Set Autopilot - Click here then click on destination,
I.E. Planet, Space Station, or City and your autopiolot destination will be set
F3 - Toggle Ship's Status
A. Ships Condition
B. Legal Status
C. Cargo Display
F4 - Communications (When Docked)
A. Permission to Launch (Option 1)
B. Ship Yard (Option 2)
1. Buy / Sell Ship Upgrades
2. Repair (I Think)
3. Buy / Sell Ships
4. Police
C. Contracts (I Think) (Option 3)
D. Buy / Sell Goods (Option 4)
F5 - Toggle Weapons / Scanner
F6 - Not Used
F7 - Launch / Autopilot
F8 - Not Used
F9 - Gear Up / Down
F10- Toggle Object ID
ENTER - Increase Speed
R SHIFT - Decrease Speed
+/- - Zoom in and out

Free download game Elite 2

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