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Game Winbowl (Bowling)

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Game WinBowl (Bowling) 

There are 4 basic steps to get the ball rolling down the alley toward the pins. Once you have figured out how to throw, you can study how different strokes have different effects on the ball. Once you have mastered the basic stroke, you can move on to advanced throwing techniques to learn how to throw curves for better pin action. Here are the 4 basic steps. They will be described more fully afterwards:

1. Pick up the ball by single clicking over the ball with left mouse button

2. Press and HOLD left mouse button in throwing area to start the stroke

3. Immediately pull back and push forward the mouse while holding the left button down

4. Release the left mouse button to finish the stroke and send the ball rolling toward the pins

Picking up the ball
When it is your turn, the ball will appear in the ball return. The first step is to pick up the ball. You do this by clicking ONCE on the Left mouse button while the "Hand Cursor" is positioned over the ball and then releasing. The ball disappears from the ball return and the cursor should change to a hand holding a ball. The cursor will change back to a Hand if you move it outside the throwing area. This is simply to help you position the ball properly for throwing. As soon as you move the cursor back into the throwing area, the "hand-ball cursor" will reappear. Thethrow area is the area that extends from gutter to gutter behind the foul line to the bottom of the window. Since there is a 3 dimensional view involved, the throwing area is actually narrower near the foul line and wider as you move toward the bottom of the window.

Making the stroke
When you are ready to begin your stroke, press and hold the left mouse button, immediately pull back and then push forward to the place of aim and release the button. The starting point should be somewhere near the foul line (but not too close) and the mouse cursor should be pulled back at least 1/2 inch for a valid stroke. The direction and speed the ball travels depends on several factors:

1. If the ball is pulled back straight and pushed forward straight the ball will go straight without veering right or left.

2. The longer the button is held down, and the less the ball is pulled back (backswing), theweaker the throw.
3. Releasing the button before the point of aim will cause the ball to be pushed right. Releasing after the point of aim will cause the ball to be pulled left.

The throw occurs best in one smooth motion. If there is any hesitation or inaccuracy in the throwing stroke, do not release the left mouse button. Instead, keep it down and move the ball back to the ball return area. Release the button, and the ball will be released into the ball return without penalty or message.

Tip - Most people find it easiest to uses as little arm or hand motion as possible. Rest your wrist on the table. For the pull-back motion, press the button with your pointer finger and then gently curl that finger toward you. To make the forward stroke, simply extend the finger and release the button. This minimal amount of motion produces the most consistent results and is less fatiguing on the hand muscles.

Throwing Messages
When you first begin, you may get several different messages telling you your stroke was not executed properly. These are meant to help train you to execute the stroke properly so that sufficient data can be collected to throw the ball. The messages are detailed under the topic Throwing Error Messages.

All of these messages will appear from time to time as you learn the game. Once you have become comfortable with the throwing procedure, you will see them only on rare occasions when you make a mistake.

Distributive size: 222K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game WinBowl

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