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Game Tetris Revolution, free download game Tetris Revolution
Tetris Revolution

Game Pazzle Express, free download game Pazzle Express
Pazzle Express

Here I have placed small games simulators which I could find. For free download games in each page press download button. You can help me if know where it is possible to find still similar games, old and new. The main thing that they were the small size.

Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco Grand Prix II

Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II is an arcade-style Formula One racing video game. Along with boasting the most realistic physics of any console driving game at the time of release, the game was also endorsed by the then Formula One champion Ayrton Senna

Blue Max

In game Blue Max you can operate planes which were used in 1-st world war. Think it very simply? Game rather known. By your plane established the weapon which to you should be used frequently.

Blue Thunder

The Blue Thunder is a highly efficient and easy to pilot aircraft, utilising the most advanced technology of our time and easily upgradable with future technologies.


A motorbike simulation game based on a real physical model. You have to ride a motorbike and complete the various stages. You can get to the next level only by completing the previous one successfully. You can skip three levels in total, but you can go back and complete a previously skipped level later. You can choose to play on any of the levels you have previously completed. For all stages the best ten times are recorded along with the name of the player. The levels become progressively more and more difficult to complete.


This game - simulator F-117A Stealth Fighter. You execution missions in the Persian bay, on the Cube and Vietnam.


It is game F-19 aviasimulator. Here you should carry out military missions on destruction of various military objects and others. You will start from an aircraft carrier and fly, being guided under indications of a radar. The plane is equipped with a plenty of the various weapon which is required to you. You can switch the scanner to see sideways and even behind. Game not new, but for time rather quite good!

F-29 Retaliator

A new and deadly breed of fighters is taking shape in the secret workshops deep in the American West: The Advanced Tactical Fighter F-22 and the Forward Swept Wing F-29. Their pilots will have a dangerous mission; to penetrate bands of surface to air missiles, destroy hostile AWACS and radar, launch ground strikes at enemy resources, armies, installations and communication links, and to break up hostile raids before they reach friendly territory. Their bases will be under air and missile attack from H-hour + zero. They must destroy four or more hostiles for every loss in order to survive and win.

Fighter Ice

Shoot down your opponent ten times to win the game. You may decide which keys on your keyboard control each function in the game. One or two players.


In game you should choose a kind of competitions. You have the certain cash of money. Choose a place for competitions and begin game. Further you will operate automobile Lamborghini.

Line Wars 2

In game Line Wars you the pilot of a space fighter whom in pair with comrade (one more fighter) struggle with meteorites and the enemy ships. Game from the first person so you see all so, as if you sit in a cabin. To be guided it is possible on a radar. For destruction of the opponent and meteorites you have laser and rockets which have property to come to an end! Game very fascinating, with a plenty of levels and with good graphics. To play it is possible with the computer, and also on the modem and on a network. For adjustment of a sound (in case of problems) the archive with drivers is applied.

LHX Attack Chopper

Small, but very interesting game where you are the pilot of the helicopter. In game of them it is possible to choose from four versions. Management of helicopter, as against real, very simple also is described in an applied file. To fly up, only it is enough to increase capacity of the engine, having pressed a digital key. In game it is possible to choose the various weapon, switching it from the keyboard. To game various maps are applied some and you can carry out various missions. For fans of simulators - game simply a find! And, though game not new, but very much even quite good also can deliver a lot of pleasure to fans of a similar sort of games!

Mexican Motor Mafia


Grab your shotgun and jump in your muscle car to hunt the escaped death row inmate, Jebediah Priest, who killed your brother. He and his gang, The Red Texas Four, are on a killing spree and it's up to you to stop them. There are 16 cars and 18 deadly weapons to choose from as you serve up revenge...Tex-Mex style! Barter with the goods trader to fix your car, or to earn some extra cash! Let the awesome 10-song soundtrack immerse you in the intense world of Mexican Motor Mafia today!


In this game you can operate the racing automobile on a circular line. In game it is possible to choose one of several racing automobiles and one of several lines. To operate it is possible the mouse, the keyboard or other game device. As well as in real races of the Formula - 1 are stipulated pitstops and other attributes of similar competitions! Game small on the size, but with the big opportunities. To fans of autorally should like. Personally I, having sat to play, at once have some times turned over!


You sometime went by automobile Toyota? Now you have such virtual opportunity. For game of such small size it is quite decent races where it is necessary to reach for minimal time to finish. Management very simple (cursor arrows), is especial if you will choose a manual box of transfers and you should not think, when them to switch and on it to distract. I advise to try!



And this game - ring autoraces on the automobile of the Formula 1. You as soon as possible should pass circles on a line, not moving down with it and not forcing down obstacles.

Sky Roads 3D

Autorally of the future with complex routes. Many of the difficulty levels!

Super Speed


Welcome to SuperSpeed! This speedy miniature car racing game delivers pure action for up to four players. Challenge your friends or compete against the computer's drivers. Eventful tracks with all the obstacles you usually prefer not to find in real life driving.


It is game Tube. This game - a three-dimensional automobile simulator. You should reach to finish for a time interval. Enemies and obstacles will prevent you. It is possible to shoot at enemies.

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Mystery Case FilesŪ: Dire Grove Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd Collector`s Edition Sarah Maribu and the Lost World Rhianna Ford& The Da Vinci Letter
Are added:

Fighter Ice

Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco Grand Prix II

Mexican Motor Mafia

Sky Roads 3D

Super Speed

F-29 retaliator


Gene Rally




Blue Thunder

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