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Game New Glider for Windows Info...

Just when you thought you knew EVERYTHING about Glider for Windows...

Included here is some additional information that should make your flights a little smoother and more interesting, as well as introducing you to some of Glider's newest features. You'll find the following sections below...

Items of Interest - Some of the most commonly asked Glider for Windows questions and answers...

About The Houses - Learn a little about the houses and their authors...

Using Glider for Macintosh Houses with Glider for Windows - Want to fly through your favorite Glider for Macintosh houses ? Read this section for a step by step guide to make it happen...

Copying Glider Files Onto a PC Formatted Disk - Help on how to move Glider for Macintosh houses aross the great divide between your Macintosh and PC systems via floppy disk...

Items Of Interest

Some commonly asked Glider for Windows questions (and answers too !)...

Keyboard/Mouse Configuration

• How can I shoot rubber bands or engage turbo when I’m using the mouse to control the Glider ?

Use the keys specified in the ‘Keyboard/Mouse’ configuration dialog box for these operations...If you have a three button mouse, you should be able to perform all but one operation from the mouse buttons...Use the ‘Middle Mouse Button’ control to specify what you you’d like to have the middle button do, and use the keyboard for the one function that’s left over...

• Why doesn’t the center button of my three button mouse work ?

Your mouse driver may not be configured to or designed to recognize the middle mouse button...Check with the mouse manufacturer to be certain that you’ve got everything set up properly...

Joystick Configuration

• When I select ‘Forward/Reverse’ joystick control, I go forward when I pull back, and backward when I push the stick forward...What should I do ?

Try checking the ‘Invert Joystick Directions’ box in the joystick configuration dialog...This will reverse the already reversed controls...

Playing The Game

• Is there any other way to save a game than pressing TAB to pause, selecting ‘Game/Save’ and then pressing TAB to unpause ?

Press CONTROL-S instead...It’s a handy short cut...

About the Houses

Ever wonder who is responsible for all of the houses that you’ve probably already begun to really enjoy ? The following is a conglomeration of the comments made by the architects behind the scenes...Each sheds some light on the history, mystery, and hints that make the houses too hot to handle...

MAD.GHS [Originally ‘Mad House’]

Welcome to the Mad House!

This is a very difficult house to get through. I don't want to spoil it too much with a lot of hints, but I will reveal that the house is something of a maze. There are many, many rooms where you have several ways you can go.

Some directions lead to certain entrapment and no return, while others lead to the way out. A final hint: there are a lot of tough rooms where timing is VERY critical. This house is for the people who thought the original house (‘The House’) was too easy. Good luck!

- john calhoun

COMBO.GHS [Originally ‘Combo House’]

What is Combo House?

This is the original house that came with Glider 4.0 ("The House" & "The House 2") combined with "Mad House" & "Mad House 2" (renamed "Combo House" through "Combo House 4"). As you may remember, the last room in the original house presented you with an open window and a way out of the house. In "Combo House", you fly directly from the last room in the original house into the first room of "Mad House". Why on earth would someone want to do this? Well, because this hybrid house has over 120 rooms! By flying right out of the original house and into the new house, your "score potential" is quite large indeed! But to lessen some of the confusion, the houses were renamed "Combo House". Score big! [11/27/92]

HOUSDOOM.GHS [Originally ‘House Of Doom’]

House of Doom is suitable for those who have completed the house that came with the game (‘The House’) and are looking for a new challenge. It's comparable in difficulty to the 2nd half of the original house.


· Use battery power sparingly. You need a decent amount to finish.
· Be very careful going through the last room, as a wrong move can get you into serious difficulty, even with a lot of extra planes.

Questions, Comments:
AOL: JeffrC

HOUSSTF.GHS [Originally ‘House Full Of Stuff’]

The Story of The House Full of Stuff...

In the beginning there was no House Full of Stuff. Instead, there were lots of little three and four room houses that had been created one after another. I tried to make them bigger, but, to be honest, I got pretty darn sick of testing them out after building three or four rooms. 

Then, I had this thought: Why not stick all these little houses together, one after another, and make one big house, with lots and lots of stuff? So that's what I did, and now there is one big house, called the House Full of Stuff. As you go through it, you can see how the house is divided into distinct sections; each section was once a little house unto itself. 

More than just another house file, I believe that this house demonstrates The Way Glider Houses Ought To Be Made. Instead of getting pooped out after creating 30 or so rooms, try making a few small houses over time, and then, when you're ready, copy and paste 'em together.


· Room names sometimes have hints built into them
· There are many ways to get through the entire house without hitting every room; however, it is possible (and preferable, points-wise) to try and get through all of 'em.

Questions, Comments:
AOL: JeffrC

HOUSSND.GHS [Originally ‘House Full Of Stuff Next Door’]

The Story of The House Full of Stuff Next Door

I got through The House Full of Stuff, and so did a lot of other people. Some people thought some of the rooms, especially early on, were too hard. Others, mainly me, who had gone through it a few times, thought some of the rooms were getting to be too boring. And then there were the people who actually found flaws in some of the rooms.

The answer to all of these problems: The House Full of Stuff Next Door. A replica of the original House Full of Stuff, built right next door to the original, but with a variety of improvements and surprises, including lots of new rooms. 

I wouldn't try this one until completing the original House Full of Stuff. First, House Full of Stuff Next Door is harder. Second, if you try House Full of Stuff first, you can jot down all of the problems and complaints you have with the original, and then get a special thrill as you count how many of them are solved, answered, and/or eliminated in the new version.


· Hints for House Full of Stuff still apply.
· Many rooms look exactly like the old versions, but be careful, slight alteration could spell disaster.

Questions, Comments:
AOL: JeffrC

LUMPY.GHS [Originally ‘Lumpy’s Home’]

Dear Glider 4.0 Fans,

Hello, my name is Tony Korlath and I designed Lumpy's Home. This was my first experience with using the Editor program and it worked quite nicely. Lumpy's Home took me about 3 hours to design. The fun part about designing your own home is that you can make it as hard or as easy as you would like. There is a least one hidden room, and I hope that you can find it.

Good Luck and Happy Gliding,

Tony Korlath 

RSUN.GHS [Originally ‘House of the Rising Sun’]



I created this house over the course of about one month, after finally completing "The House" that came with Glider 4.0. I figured I would give creating my own house a shot, and never realized that it would be so fun thinking up ways to make a plane crash.

I'm an Apple Educational Systems Engineer for a dealership in Pennsylvania, and seeing as there aren't many schools needing Macs fixed or labs installed over the summer, I had more free time than I should have. Playing Glider helped me while away the hours.

I uploaded the house to America Online and, to ensure that my work was not wasted, offered $10.00 to the first person to send me a screen shot of the completed house. I also offered $20.00 to anyone who could beat my high score. (It was 1.6 million, but then again, I knew where everything was). About 3 weeks later, I was $30.00 poorer.

The same day I realized I would have to part with the other $20.00, John Calhoun E-Mailed me and said that he was interested in my house being in a collection of houses to be sold commercially. I was amazed. This was such an honor. I fixed some things here, moved some things there, and thought up some more funky names for the rooms. I took great pleasure in naming the rooms such that they would either help you get through the room, make you laugh, or just go, "Huh?"

I am pleased to present House of the Rising Sun. 120 Rooms, More clocks than Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon," More balloons than a Republican National Convention, Millions of points, and, hopefully, hours of gliding pleasure.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Steve Sullivan

Comments, suggestions, etc. may be sent to:

AppleLink: CWED.LANG2

USHER.GHS [Originally ‘Usher House’]

I’m one of the many starving 14 year olds who got up to his ears in debt to purchase Glider... It was well worth it. I’ve been using Mac’s for seven years, six years of which were with an Original Macintosh, with a few upgrades (Do you remember those 128k machines?). Currently I’m using a Mac IIsi. This house was written one lonely evening when I’d gotten bored with houses that were NICE to the people in them. It originally had no gliders, batteries, rubber bands, or bonuses of any kind. I didn’t just smother people with a dozen shredders in every room, but I came pretty darn close to it. It was, of course, nearly impossible to complete. I toned down the horror a little bit, and added some food in strategic places, which usually takes off more than it gives. When you try to complete the house, remember to use the time-honored practice of getting through fast, then going back for the goodies. It’s now a 30 room house, with a good 100,000 points if you complete it. Have fun! Any and all comments are welcome. You can reach me as Phexem on America Online, or through Snail Mail at:

Brian Eaton
1204 Milan Ave.
S. Pasadena, CA 91030

Distributive size: 1M Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

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