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Game F29 Retaliator

Game F29 Retaliator free download  the game F29 Retaliator



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Game F-29 Retaliator 



A new and deadly breed of fighters is taking shape in the secret workshops deep in the American West: The Advanced Tactical Fighter F-22
and the Forward Swept Wing F-29. They will convey one message to the enemy - the Retaliators are effective, deadly and meet the threats of
21st Century warfare.

Their pilots will have a dangerous mission; to penetrate bands of surface to air missiles, destroy hostile AWACS and radar, launch ground strikes at enemy resources, armies, installations and communication links, and to break up hostile raids before they reach friendly territory. Their bases will be under air and missile attack from H-hour + zero. They must destroy four or more hostiles for every loss in order to survive and win.


Retaliator is a flight simulation program based upon two of the most revolutionary aircraft designs ever conceived: The Lockheed F-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter and Grumman F-29. The Grumman F-29 has been developed as a technology demonstrator towards creating the ultimate fighter aircraft and was a genuine contender for the USAF's new advanced tactical fighter but is now unlikely to enter service as it was judged too risky and too costly in terms of performance for the ATF. However new studies have shown a forward swept wing STOVL (Short Take Off and Vertical landing) multi-role supersonic fughter which could be feasible in the late 1990's thanks to improved engine performance. The F-29 shows great potential for the next generation advanced tactical fighter, around 2007 to 2012.


For protection purposes a message will appear on screen giving you a scenario, a war update number and a mission number. Please insert the sector, in which this takes place.


"F10" Missile view Provides full screen missile tracking image.

"F11" or "9" Forward look up view Allows an internal aerial view around and above the H.U.D.

"F12" or "0" Rear look up view Allows an internal aerial view around the rear of the plane.

"I" H.U.D colour change Inverts the H.U.D colour for ease of viewing.

"D" Visual detail adjust Steps between three levels of detail for different speeds of computer.

"Q" Sound adjust Steps between three levels of sound. The current setting of this and the above two options are saved with Retaliator's
configuration when you quit to DOS.

"A" AUTO Auto pilot Ensures your plane's wings are level and attempts to maintain your current speed using the air brakes.

"." Precision control On slow machines, you may find that joystick and keyboard control is not precise enough in certain situations. Pressing
the "." key will give you more accurate control of your plane. This is useful for landing. Press the "." key again to return to normal control. Retaliator reverts to "normal" control at the start of each mission.

Shift & F1-F10 Weapon selection
"F3" AIM 9R "F8" MRASM


As mentioned in the manual, Pressing "P" during a mission enters pause mode. When pausing, pressing "P" again will blank the screen. This is useful for preventing screen burn and when the boss walks in! Press any other key to continue the mission.


Blue radar blips The object is at a lower altitude than you White radar blips The object is at a higher altitude than you


If you find the usual method of landing mentioned in the manual complicated, try using this method:-

Select "Cockpit view" and decrease RPM to between 55 and 60%. Ensure it doesn't exceed 70%.

Select "Behind plane view" and fly towards the runway at an altitude of around 4000ft.

Align yourself with the runway in the distance.

Begin a steady descent towards the runway. Repeatedly apply and release the brakes to maintain a speed of 270 to 300 knots.

Once over the runway, you will be at an altitude of 300 to 400 ft. Ensure the brakes are on and lower the landing gear before landing.

If for some reason you are flying too fast or too high when you reach the runway, release the air brakes and continue flying. Turn round and try


If the extended cursor keys are not compatible on your machine, use the corresponding keypad keys (2),(4),(6) and (8). To bank and climb at a faster rate, hold down the 'Ctrl' key with the required cursor keys. To control banking and climbing more precisely, press the opposing up/down or left/right keys together.


Retaliator supports various bus and serial mice without needing a mouse driver to be installed. This leaves more memory free for use by the program. Your mouse may have more than one mode of operation so you may need to switch modes to enable the mouse to function correctly.


For balanced joystick control, ensure the trimmers on your stick are central. Centralise the stick and press the "J" key during play to select and/or initialise your joystick. Joystick buttons can be re-defined in the same way as mouse buttons. Refer to your manual for more details.


If the program fails to run on your computer, please consult the manual and check the following.

1. How much free conventional memory do you have? Remove memory resident programs to make room for Retaliator.

2. Did you install the program correctly using the provided "Install" utility?

3. Is your computer's video card supported by Retaliator? 100% compatible EGA, VGA and Tandy 16 colour screens are supported.


One point is awarded for each correct target hit. However, one point will be awarded to your opponent if an incorrect target is hit. When all required targets have been destroyed, a bonus point is on offer. This will be given to the first person to touch-down or the person who
survives the longest. After consultation with USAF representatives, the number of planes allocated to each trainee pilot during Head To Head combat has been extended to FIVE.

Enemy bridge in Europe mission IRON can be found in sector 8E.

Distributive size: 428K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game F-29 retaliator

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