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Game Day of Pigs

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Game Day of Pigs

Copyright 1996 
Alex Peterson
David Dambman

Day Of Pigs sould run on any 486 dx2 50 or faster computer. I have not had the chance to test it on anyting slower, but I think it will not run correctly on anything less. The program will only run correctly if all of the files supplied are in the same directory. This game if free, but if you would like to support my future programming efforts, a small dontaion would help. This is the first release of DOP, and is so far without sound. I have the code to play .wav files, but there are still some bugs in it to work out. If you know of a way to play midi or mod files in Turbo Pascal v6.0, I would like to know.

DOP was writen by me, David Dambman, and most of the graphics were done by Alex Peterson. Almost all of the graphics were done with Pov-Ray, an awesome ray-tracer.  I do not take responsibility for problems or damage caused by Day of Pigs. Not that there should be any, but I think I had to put that in there for legal reasons.

Use mouse to move ship, hold down left mouse button to shoot. You must destroy all bad ships and Boss ships.

Good bonus:

Shilds, BeHer Gun, Tracking Gun.

Bad bonus:

Missiles, Space Mines, Asteroids.

Distributive size: 160K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Day of pigs

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