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Game King's Bounty

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Game King's Bounty 

It is game quest where you should find a scepter of king Maksimus. You will battle, travel, talk to people and many other things. Right at the beginning of game you should choose type of the character - the Knight, Palladin, the Sorcerer or the Barbarian. This choice does not render special influence on a course of game, varies unless initial structure of your army (thus any of variants does not give some an essential increase in fighting force).

The general circuit of game looks approximately so: you go on continent, find hiding places with treasures and battle to "vagrant" enemies. The general map of continent to you is unknown, it is opened on a course of an affair. Each week you receive from king some sum of money for services. When you find the lock with the Villain you attack him and take the lock an attack (on each continent there are four or three locks with Villains, in other locks any evil spirits simply sits). Victories in fights give you money for conducting the further operations, in taken locks there are pieces cardses. Successfully to finish game, it is not necessary to win all villains - to understand enough, what site of district is represented on a map to go there and to dig out the Scepter. Important also on each continent to find the map describing a way to other continent - without this cardses you can not be forwarded there.

Distributive size: 700K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

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