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Welcome to Sir AddaLot's "Mini" Math Adventure. This is an exciting and educational math game for kids 6 to 12 years old. Get ready for adventure, terrific graphics, and fun learning in this action packed game.
Sir AddaLot's "Mini" Adventure may be distributed freely as long as all files and documentation are included.
We are sure your children will love this game and hope you will pick up the commercial version, "Sir AddaLot's MATH Adventure", which includes 

1) 15 additional castles on 3 additional exciting levels,
2) more plants, treasures, and sea creatures to add to the moat,
3) multiplication and division equations, 4) great digital sound effects with support for Adlib, Soundblaster, and Disney Sound Source,
5) a complete manual, and 6) the "Story of Sir AddaLot" activity book.

Once upon a time of castles, knights, and dragons, there was a great adventure. A tricky dragon named Scorch challenged everyone in the land to a contest known as "Scorch's Castle Match." No one could beat Scorch. One day a small, but brave knight came forward. "It's Sir Addalot," the people whispered. And so began the greatest challenge of all time. To this day, the people still tell exciting stories about "Sir AddaLot's Math Adventure." Are you ready to become a knight? If you are brave, if you practice, and if you keep trying, you can beat Scorch and become the hero of the land.

Siroooooo AddaLots "Mini" Math Adventure requires:386SX or faster PC compatible640Kb of memory, with 520Kb free1.5 Mb of free disk spaceVGA graphicsSupports mouse, joystick, or keyboardSupport Sound Blaster, Adlib, Disney SoundAudio Pro and Roland Sound Cards.

To play Sir AddaLot's "Mini" Math Adventure, you must first install the program onto your hard disk with more that 1.5 Mb of available space. The description below assumes you are installing to the C drive. To run the install type:
Install <enter>
Then follow the on screen instructions.

To change the sound system used by Sir AddaLot's Mini Math Adventure, simply change to the directory (eg. cd \ AddaLotM) and type:
setupsnd <enter>
and follow the instructions.

After you have installed Sir Addalot's "Mini" Math Adventure, simply change to the directory (eg. cd \ AddaLotM) and type:
AddaLot <enter>
Attention: Make sure you select an appropriate speed and difficulty level so your child is properly challenged.

The underlined letters and numbers on each button indicate the keyboard keys that can be used to select that button. If you do not have a mouse, it is recommended that you turn off the mouse in the options menu so the mouse cursor is not in the way.

Before beginning your adventure, it is important to select the speed and difficulty to meet your child's needs. After starting the game, you will find yourself in the control room. Here you can select equation difficulties ranging from "Pretty Easy" to "Mind Blowing." You also select the speed setting which controls how fast the game moves.
By controlling speed and difficulty, you can customize the game. You can make it more fun, or more educational. You can challenge quiet, timid children as well as fearless ones.

Two levels are provided in the mini-adventure version. The practice field is also included. To change levels or enter the practice field, press on the "wooden" signs at the bottom corners of the screen.
The practice field is a good place start since your child can get used to the game without worrying about Scorch. You wouldn't want to face Scorch without practicing...would you?

Here is a good place to practice moving Sir Addalot and matching equations. You move by pressing on a square with the mouse or by using the arrow keys. Select a square by pressing on the square again with the mouse or by pressing the space bar. Now move to the matching equation and select it again.
When using a mouse, Sir AddaLot will take the shortest path to the square you selected. Sometimes it is better to move Sir AddaLot in small steps to make sure that a fireball doesn't get in your path. If you use a mouse, check to make sure it is clean and moves smoothly.
For children new to a mouse, here are some suggestions: 

1) Teach your child how to pick up the mouse and place it in the center of the mouse pad when it comes to the edge, 2) Watch the child's wrist to insure they are not trying to point or twist the mouse. Keep the mouse pointed ahead. Teach your child to move their arm, not their wrist.

After practicing, you are ready to face Scorch. After entering the first castle, start matching equations as fast as you can. Watch out for Scorch. Now and then Scorch will spew out a wandering fireball. Scorch makes more fireballs as you advance to higher screen levels or higher speed levels.
Beware of the tricky fireballs that Scorch uses if you make a mistake. These fireballs will chase you. Don't give up. You can run faster. Like other fireballs, they will eventually burn out.
If you get caught by a fireball, do't worry. Sir AddaLot always carries a shield for protection. The fireball will destroy the shield, but Sir AddaLot will be saved. Each castle has a place to hold 2 extra shields. Sir AddaLot will get another shield if any are left. If no shields are left, Sir AddaLot will leave the castle and must start again.

The options menu controls the speed, sound, high score, moat display, and mouse control. You can get to the options screen by pressing "Options" on any level screen. If you are not using a mouse, or prefer to use the arrow keys, select "mouse OFF" to hide the mouse cursor. High scores are saved for each level. You can look at or erase the high scores. You can turn all sounds ON or OFF. Finally, you can empty all plants and fish from the moat. 

Note: The difficulty level can only be changed at start up of the game when you are in the Control Room.

Before Scorch came to town, the moat was a busy place. Plants, fish and other sea creatures lived in the moat. You can restore the moat and make it look just as you want.
After completing each level, you can choose an item to place in the moat. If the item is a plant, place it carefully where you want it. If you are placing a fish, you can place it anywhere because it will start swimming after you let it go.
Each level has different objects. Remember, you can view the moat at any time from any Level Screen. You can "empty" the moat from the "Options" screen.


  • Make sure your PC compatible meets the system requirements listed above.
  • The game may be jumpy or slow on a 286. A 386SX or better is required.
  • No mouse? Sir AddaLot is fun with or without a mouse. Each button has an Underlined character that corresponds to a keyboard button.

Some buttons have 2 characters such as "F1" which correspond to the function keys. On the gameboard, use the arrow keys to move the knight. Use the spacebar to highlight the equations and make a matching pair.

Use this product at your own risk. Although we have tested this game on dozens of PCs, we cannot guarantee it will work on yours. We cannot accept any liability for the use or misuse of this product. 

Distributive size: 590K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Sir Addalot

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