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Game Metersteiner Beer Manager

Game Metersteiner Beer Manager free download Metersteiner Beer Manager

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Mystery Chronicles: Betrayals of Love


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Game Metersteiner Beer Manager by El Dorado Software 1997

Free download Metersteiner Beer Manager

Metersteiner Beer Manager is a simulation strategy game that is both fun and unique. Situated in Germany in the year 1950, you become the manager of the Metersteiner Brewery and have forty years to build a brewing empire. Starting with a credit of $4,000,000 you must select a site and begin construction of a brewery. Using a type of interface that is similar to SimCity by Maxis, you can add different components to your brewery to improve quality, production, maintenance, storage and shipping.

You must find a market for your product by advertising in various cities and contracting with various retailers to become their supplier. Your product will be in demand to the degree that the quality is good and the supply is plentiful. To ship your product you must purchase trucks and establish shipping routes. As your product is delivered your brewery receives revenue to continue operating. Sounds easy doesn't it?

To make the game interesting and challenging, you have a number of different factors that will put your managing and strategy skills to the test. First off, you have three computer challengers who are rival breweries competing for the same markets. Next, different economic conditions such as stagnation, recessions, booms and growths will either earn you profits or deplete your credit. If you exceed your line of credit for more than three months, you will be forced into bankruptcy and have to start all over.

Weather conditions will also promote or hinder your marketing -- demand for your product slows in the winter and increases in the summer. Add to this the loss of time and money for repairs to machinery and the ever changing tastes of your consumers, and you have an outstanding simulation! 

Metersteiner provides a very challenging game that has good graphics and animation, sound effects, background music and very user-friendly game controls. There are tips that pop-up throughout the game to give you insight, and the on-line instruction manual provides a detailed breakdown of the game's features. If you enjoy the challenge of strategy simulation games, then Metersteiner Beer Manager will keep you thirsting for more! 


Download game Metersteiner Beer Manager free (4.7 Mb)

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