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Game Earthworm Jim

Game Earthworm Jim free download Earthworm Jim

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Game Earthworm Jim

Free download Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim game was for 1 player only. You were Jim and you had to journey through 8 stages of craziness, and fun. You were equipped with your head whip and trusty plasma blaster. You also found one other weapon a mega plasma blaster that shot a powerful shot that destroyed everything on the screen. You also had moves that helped you get to places you needed to go like head helicopter and the head whip to the hooks. You had to fight bosses on each and every level unlike the sequel where you only had a boss on two stages. You also have a very fun side game that you can play. It is where you ride your pocket rocket and try to beat Psycrow in a race among the asteroid belt. If you lose however you and Psycrow have a little scuffle on the nearest moon or planet. There are some stages that are different than the others, and some parts of the game where you control Jim without the suit. The stage is where you have to fight Sergeant Sludge through and there is a big mouth on the bottom of a snot pit ready to eat you. You are budgie jumping from your head and so is Sludge you have to keep shoulder ramming him. This stage offers a lot of variety and it is also fun. The difficulty through out the game is adjustable and their isn't save or password feature.

Itís a day like any other. A crow is chasing a worm, a worm named Jim. Today the worm escapes to safety and the crow eats dirt.

Meanwhile, in outer space...

Psy-Crow is chasing a small renegade ship. The shipís pilot has stolen an ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit. Psy-Crow overtakes the renegade ship and they face off head to head. Psy-Crow pulls his gun. The renegade pulls an even bigger gun. Wrought with gun envy, Psy-Crow pulls out a huge monster gun. The renegade, realizing he has been outmatched, pleads for mercy. But Psy-Crow, under direct orders from the evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt, blasts the renegade and his entire ship to smithereens. The suit falls gently to a strange planet below. The strange planet is our planet. PLANET EARTH.

Back on earth, our slimy hero is wondering if itís safe, and if he has eluded the crow. Jim looks left, then right. It seems he has given the crow the slip. Jim returns to his normal daily life, cruising about avoiding crows and doing other general worm-like things.


Jim is suddenly struck by a very large ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit. Through sheer luck, Jim rests safely in the neck ring of the suit. Suddenly, the ultra-high-tech space particles of the suit begin interacting with Jimís soft wormy flesh. A radical light-speed evolution takes place.

Jim soon realizes he is in control of the suit, and we witness the birth of Earthworm Jim.

Jim checks out the suit and he notices a red thingie attached to his side, which just happens to be a plasma blaster. He pulls it out of the holster and starts playing with the buttons. Meanwhile, off in the distance, the crow is still looking for his lunch. Jim finds the trigger and lets loose with a plasma blast. BLAMO! The crow is torched!

Taking a moment to gather his thoughts, Jim leans up against a tree. Due to the suitís incredible power, Jim forces the tree over, right on top of the now barely conscious crow. His lifetime nemesis is never to be seen again.

Our hero thinks heís got it pretty easy now, but... he hears something in the distance. Psy-Crow, the intergalactic bounty hunter, is standing over a burn in the grass which the suit had left behind. Peering over the toppled tree, Jim sees Psy-Crow talking to the Queen, informing her that the suit is very near. The Queen knows that the suit will make her even more beautiful than her imprisoned twin sister, ďPrincess-Whatís-Her-Name.Ē Jim decides he needs to meet this Princess and dashes off to find her before Psy-Crow can find him and the suit...

The File Menu

This pull-down menu allows you to access levels of the game that you have already completed. As you progress through the game, the completed levels will become active in the menu. Once you have completed the entire game, the menu will allow you to begin at any level.

Reminder: Using the File Menu to start a new level will reset the weapons, continues, energy level, enemies and other collectables to their default settings.

The File Menu also allows you to access the Properties Box.

The Status Bar

On the bottom of the game window is a status bar that displays the name of the current level. You can also access specific pages in the Properties Box by clicking on the assorted icons.

The following are the default control settings upon launching Earthworm Jim for the first time.

Action Key

Jump W
Fire E
Whip Q

Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow

You may configure the keyboard controls to your liking by using the Keyboard page in the Properties Box. You may also enable the use of a gamepad or joystick by using the Joystick page in the Properties Box.

Regardless of the controller, Earthworm Jim will automatically save all of your current settings and store them for use the next time you launch the game.

Game Status

To see how Earthworm Jim is doing on his adventure, just check out the top or bottom of your screen.

Earthworm Jim (top left): This is the number of additional Jim lives you have left to complete the game. There are many hidden free lives to help you on your quest to save the Princess. Look everywhere for them!

Spinning Atom (top left): This is the percentage of energy the suit has left. Whenever you are attacked by an enemy, touched by an enemy or generally do something stupid, this number goes down. If this number reaches zero you will lose one life. Additional energy can be found floating throughout the levels, or when you defeat an enemy.

Plasma Gun (bottom left): This is the number of rounds of plasma energy you have left to fire. Additional energy clips can be picked up while you are playing, but you must use your shots carefully as many enemies await you. If you run completely out of shots, the plasma gun automatically recharges itself very slowly by gathering energy from around it, but it is strongly advised not to let the gun run out of ammo.

New Junk City
Menacing crows, giant mutant garbage cans, the junkyardís owner Chuck and his dog Fifi all want to welcome you to the junkyard in their own special way ó by trying to kill you. Bounce from tire to tire, or slide across zip lines to grab extra power-ups. Watch out ó compared to Fifiís bark, those bites are even worse!

What The Heck?
Welcome to Planet Heck. As Evil the Cat dances, you wander through the devilishly tricky maze. Step quickly... it can get a little too hot for Jim even in his indestructible suit. For an uplifting experience, take a jog on a gem, but donít let Jim get a hot foot! Thereíll be a hot time in the old town tonight for sure!!

Big Bruty
Whatís a Big Bruty, you say? Youíll know one when you see one, thatís for sure. Then all youíll have to do is figure out how to get by him without ending up like a big piece of chewing gum. Hereís a hint: use his enormous weight and momentum to your advantage. Even if you do get past him, you still had better bee-careful ó you wouldnít want to get stung.

Down The Tubes
Bob the Goldfish knows that EWJís super suit could make him ruler of the world. Maybe even the universe!!! Controlling the drone cat minions in his underwater lair, Bob will use his servants to find you wherever you hide, high or low. Donít let the size of Bobís kitten guards fool you ó theyíre just as powerful as the cats! Hamsters galore!

Snot A Problem
Bungee jumping is scary enough without Major Mucus trying to bash you into the walls, but thatís exactly his plan. As your bungee cord gets thinner and thinner, your life hangs on a few measly threads!!! But thatís not all. Mucus Phlegm Brain is waiting for you to get too close to the pool of snot or fall in ó heís waiting for lunch!

Level 5
The Professor would love to have Earthworm Jim on the dissection table, but that darn super suit keeps him safe. The Professor wants that suit back ó after all, he designed it for the Queen. Of course, he could make another one... if only that darn monkey hadnít eaten the blueprints. Thatís another can of worms entirely. Youíd better keep an eye out for the professorís creepy science experiments, theyíre everywhere. Careful when the lights go out! Remember when you were afraid of the dark? Relive the horror (if you can find it) and find your way out!

Andy Asteroids
Ready for a wild ride through space? Well, hold on to your seat because between each level Psy-Crow is right on your tail! Dodge the asteroids and try knocking Psy-Crow off his rocket backpack to help you get to the finish line alive. Grab the Atomic Accelerators along the way to leave Psy-Crow eating your heavy ions. Of course if youíre traveling that fast, youíll want to stock up on shields... unless youíre an expert pilot.

For Peteís Sake

Walking the dog was never like this!!! If you let little Peter fall, watch out ó his temper gets the best of him and he mutates into a ravenous hulking giant! If the meteor showers donít rain on your parade and the flying saucers donít blow you away, then maybe, just maybe youíll make it through okay. Oh, did I forget to mention that the tentacles of the Unipus (like an octopus but with one arm) can kill you...?

Intestinal Distress
Disgusting gross bad guys (like you were expecting less?) Flying fish? And a boss that will put a major squeeze on you! Now, would you like to see what you just had for lunch?

Itís dark, thereís lightning in the distance and youíve got to keep your head in order to stay alive. Youíre now facing the Queen and her minions head to head, so use yours. The Queen is using her control over all the insects in order to stop you. Everywhere you turn, one of her followers is going to be there. You may think itís hopeless, but itís Snot. Try to control your every move here. Any mistake will probably be your last.

Try not to stay in the same place too long. As a moving target, Jim is a lot tougher to hit.

Limit your firing to short bursts of plasma. This will help you save much needed rounds for later.

Use your head ó literally! Your whip-like head can do more than destroy your enemies. You can use it to swing from place to place. Hmmm... what sort of thing could you swing from?

Don't be afraid to make a leap of faith. With a part-time propeller for a head, Jim can gently glide down a chasm that he's leapt into ó even though you may not see where he is going to land.

Sometimes hanging around isn't such a hot idea and you'll need to get out of somebody's way. Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps ó you'd be amazed at how many enemies don't look up.

Surrounding yourself with Earthworm Jim action figures, watching the television show and buying anything by Activision and Shiny Entertainment will automatically make you the coolest person in your neighborhood.

Gather as many atoms as you can before the end of each stage. You'll need as much energy as you can get to defeat the bosses. And watch your plasma gun's energy level ó recharging only seems to take longer when you're in a jam.

Open your eyes and search around. There are many secrets to be found. Closely look at what you see, for many secrets are off the screen.

There are a ton of goodies on each level. If you can't find a way to get to something you see, the answer may lie just ahead, or below, or above you, or this-away, or that-away...

To keep Psy-Crow out of the action, you've got to beat him in the asteroid... race. Otherwise he'll give you problems on every level. (Lose a turn for not laughing at the asteroid joke.)

Defeating the Queen involves stopping her from laying eggs. Now, how can you do that? Don't you wish you stayed awake during health education?

Most of the time, keeping Peter moving along is the best plan of action. But how can you stop him, or slow him down, when you need to? Click.

Making cookies with butter-flavored shortening rather than butter or margarine keeps them from flattening out too much during baking.

Finding the can of worms is one way to get a continue. The other... well, that's fuel for thought.

The Story

Earthworm Jim for Windows 95 is a direct port of the popular Sega CD version using the Exodus Video Gaming Technologies created by Kinesoft Development. The technology consists of highly optimized programming libraries that allow for the conversion of console games into Windows 95 primarily using 486 assembler code for the main game logic and C++ for the shell... blah, blah, blah. Okay, enough of the technobabble. Here's the story. Activision wanted to make some really cool games for Windows 95 because... well, there have never been any cool 2D side-scrolling action games for Windows. So, because the guys at Microsoft made Windows 95 a gaming platform in addition to an operating system, Activision hired this company in Chicago called Kinesoft Development, who had just developed this really great technology for porting console games to Windows 95. Still raking in the dough for its popular game Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Activision then released a Windows 95 version that was not only able to fully capture the speed and gameplay of the original but contained lots of enhancements. So, after seeing what could be done in the new operating system, Activision called their buddies at Shiny Entertainment and licensed the rights to do a Windows 95 version of Earthworm Jim... which accounts for why you are reading this now. Anyway, like Pitfall, all of the speed, gameplay and fun of the original has been captured AND a bunch of enhancments have been added to make your gaming experience more pleasurable. So, on behalf of Activision, Kinesoft and Shiny... HAVE FUN!

The Cool Stuff

Here are some of the cool features of Earthworm Jim for Windows 95:

256 color graphics! The backgrounds and animations have been painstakingly updated from 64 to 256 colors. That's a whopping 192 extra colors that provide for PC-quality graphics!

CD-quality music! The game features a CD-quality soundtrack that contains over 50 minutes of cool music by the guys at Tommy Tallarico Studios. You can even listen to the music on your standard CD player. So, do Tommy a favor and pop in the Earthworm Jim CD whenever you go cruising down your local boulevard.

A new weapon! Help Jim blast his way through all of the levels using a new homing rocket not included in the cartridge versions.

A new level! Manuever Jim through an entire new level complete with new enemies and hidden goodies not included in the cartridge versions.

An Earthworm Jim Desktop Theme! Customize your Windows 95 desktop with this really cool Microsoft Plus! desktop theme that was created by the ever-productive Tin Guerrero. Now you can install Earthworm Jim animating cursors, sounds, icons and wallpaper... which will automatically make your computer better than anyone else's.

The Team

Here is some background information on key members of the team... mostly for the purpose of enhancing egos and embarrasing those people who spent many, many, many long days and nights to bring you this game.

Scott Krager (Producer): Used to be a sitcom writer, but moved into video game industry because he prefers reaching a more intellectual audience. Also was lead level designer on Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure in addition to producing the Windows 95 version. Prefers the plasma rifle to the rocket launcher.

Tin Guerrero (Associate Producer): Once skipped school during the 5th grade to score a million points in Laser Blast. Called it "Career Day." Was lead tester and associate level designer on Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure in addition to associate producing the Windows 95 version. Can associate any occurance in life with a quote from Fletch.

Andy Glaister (Programmer): Born and raised in England, this self-taught programming miracle worker created one of the first game development systems in the early eighties which became widely used in what was then a fledgling industry. Also created the technology behind the Exodus game engine in addition to programming the Windows 95 version of Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure. Convinced that Hatman really exists.

Danny Matson (Art Director): Couldn't decide between playing guitar or being an artist when growing up. Has amazing ability to master any art program in less than a day. Rendered sprite animations on Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure in addition to art directing the Windows 95 version ó is there a pattern forming here? Prefers the rocket launcher to the plasma rifle.


Game Earthworm Jim free download Earthworm Jim Game Earthworm Jim free download Earthworm Jim

Download game Earthworm Jim free (6.3 Mb)

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