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Game Sliding Blocks

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Game Sliding Blocks

The goal of the game is gaining as much points as you can before the field is filled with blocks and you aren't able to make a move. 

The game field consists of two parts: the central zone and the periferal part.

The central zone is a square of 10x10 cells. When the game starts some colored initial blocks without marks are placed in the central zone. Unoccupied cells remain black. The periferal part of the field is presented by three layers of blocks from every side of the central zone. You may click on blocks from the first layer. It is the only kind of your activity. A clicked block may start moving across the central zone until it meets another block on its way. (If the lane along which the block could move contains no other blocks able to stop the clicked one, the latter just will not start moving. There will be no action and you will hear a beep. You may try to move another block.) 

When a block has been clicked and started to move, an arrow indicating the direction of the movement appears on it. This arrow does not disappear after block stopping and when the obstacle (another block) is removed, the block continues moving in the same direction (it does not depend from the player's activity). If 3 or more blocks of the same color are gathered together (diagonal contact is not valid) they "blow up" and the player gaines points. The blocks from the periferal parts adjacent to blocks on the central zone don't take part in forming groups to be "blown up". When a clicked block has entered the central zone, its neighbour block which was behind it (in the second layer) takes its place in the first layer; the block from the third layer moves to the second layer and a new block (that may be seen in the upper right part of the screen if the "show next" option is on) appears in the third layer. 

When the central zone is emptied, the player gaines 150, 300, 450, 600, 750 or 900 points according to the number of colors (difficalty level), and a new set of initial blocks without arrows appear in the center. The number of initial blocks exceeds the number of the previous set by 1 randomly colored block. The game continues while the player is able to make moves. (c) 2000 by FlameHeap & Co.

Distributive size: 1.760.043 Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Sliding Blocks

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