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Game Ricochet 


You have been recruited by the IGDARB (Inter-Galactic Delegation Against Robotic Bunkers) to search out and destroy any and all size and shape of robot defended bunkers.

The IGDARB has provided a ship and necessary weaponry and utilities. There is a Dual Synchronized, Weaved Diamond Strata-Laser sticking out front, not to mention the Quantum Phase Drive that they threw in as an after-thought behind your seat. Oh, and there's that nasty looking, untested, Hyper Plasma Bomb (this is particularly irritating to Robot Bunkers).

Please proceed without delay. And may the force be with you.


Robot Bunkers have been found throughout the galaxy and are believed to be descendants of a long extinct race of humibots (the scientists think they evolved from primordal slime, but when have they ever been right before?). The bunkers are heavily guarded, except for a major design fault. They have windows on all four sides! Inside the bunkers are mirrors which are part of the bunker's weapon system.

1. The number of mirrors in the current bunker is shown by the number of small white triangles in the area beneath the LASER and BOMB buttons. The number of mirrors will range between 2 and 15 depending on the LEVEL. Solving a 15 mirror bunker is about like solving the theory of relativity. You're not expected to be able to do it, but if you do, the whole world will ignore you anyway.

2. Move around the bunker by clicking on the square where you wish to move your ship. You cannot place the ship in any of the 4 corners.

3. Figure out the locations of all mirrors in the bunker by firing your laser (LASER button) into the bunker, and observing where the shot comes out. Mirrors can be at a 45 degree left or right orientation at any grid location inside the bunker. Each mirror will reflect the laser shot on a 90 degree angle. A ricochet sound will be heard each time the laser strikes a mirror. A red mark will appear on one of the white triangles for each mirror strike as well. Note that it is possible for a laser blast to hit the same mirror more than once.

4. Mark the mirror locations on the bunker by clicking on the spot where you think there is a mirror. Click once to choose the "\" mirror. Click a second time to choose the "/" mirror. Click a third time to remove the mirror and go back to a blank square. A dim yellow mirror means that your guess was not correct. A bell will sound and a green mirror will appear if your guess is correct. Each incorrect click (guess) on the bunker costs 50 points. A correct guess will gain 20 points. This penalty is to prevent you from guessing all the mirror locations by simply clicking on all locations. IGDARB agents aren't supposed to cheat, you know. The "Limit number of guesses" checkbox at the startup screen will only allow you to guess mirrors at the number of grids equal to the number of ricochets. If your last shot resulted in 2 ricochets, you will be able to make guesses at two grid locations. You can cycle through all three settings ("/", "\", none) at each location.

5. When you are sure that you have found all the mirrors, press the BOMB button. If you have successfully determined the locations of all mirrors, your bomb will penetrate the bunker and convert the robotic defenders into billions of tiny robot parts, making them very unhappy. Not only that, you will get a glorious round of applause, and may win a spot on the top 5 score list. If you are wrong, your bomb will bounce off the bunker, causing all the robots inside to laugh at you, producing a very unglorious noise, and you will lose half of your points. ARGH!

6. When one bunker is destroyed, you will proceed to the next larger bunker until you reach a size 5 bunker. You can change the bunker to any size you wish at any time by clicking on the "<" and ">" buttons under the LEVEL box. LEVEL 2 correspondes to a bunker with 2 squares on each side.

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