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Game MrBall

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Game MrBall 

A new puzzle-game by DIGITAL Nightmares.

Remove all fields/stones in the level with the help of Mr. Ball. Some fields are removed when Mr. Ball is running over them. Other ones can hold Mr. Ball more often ...

But if Mr. Ball makes a step into the void he is lost!

There are fields with many different Functions, too. For example Mr. Ball is dropped by a water-field immidiatley - but he must remove it, so there is no other way. A double-field can be used to make a new way where no fields have been before.


move Mr. Ball - Cursorkeys/PgUp/PgDown (1. press: show next step, 2. press make step)
rotate level - CTRL + Cursor/PgUp/PgDown
zoom/move level - SHIFT + Cursor/PgUp/PgDown
reset level-view: C

help during the game: F1
next level: F5
previous level: F6

game options: F2
Please try changing an option und see how the game-graphics react. Please note: the nicer the graphics the slower the game! If you want the fastest graphics please use a 3D-accelerator-hardware.

Technical Requirements:

The game needs Windows 95 or 98 and DirectX 5 or better. This game can be used in two modi: 3D-hardware-accelerated and with software-3D. One needs 3D-hardware (4MB or more). The software-mode is running without 3D-hardware but needs much more CPU-Power for the same speed and it does not look that nice. Especcially for computers without 3D-hardware and without low resolutions available there is the zoom-mode (for example for notebooks).

In the first dialogue of the game the graphics-accelerator (and the used Mode) and the resolution of the game can be chosen. Please note: A higher resolution needs a faster computer and a better display-adapter (with more memory).
Improved 32bit-rendering is only available with capable (3D-)display-adapters.

The more memory your display-adapter has, the faster the game!

Free download game MrBall

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