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Game Magic Balls

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Hodgepodge Hollow


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Game Magic Balls (AGENTIX Software)

Free Download game Magic Balls


Swap two neighbor balls to explode three or more in line (horizontal or vertical). Be careful ‘cos they drop from the top ... 
The objective is to score as many points as possible constructing lines or rows of three or more balls of the same type. Do that changing the positions of the neighbour balls. Use the mouse to move (i.e. interchange) the balls. First mark one of them, then touch it’s neighbour. Only such moves are allowed that form line or row. After each move all lines and rows are removed from the desk and the empty places are filled in with the top balls. The game stops when there are no moves left. 

Game menu

New Start new game 
Scores Show high scores 
Load Load saved game 
Save Save current game 
Help Show help 
About Product information, version number 
Settings Here you can change the size and view of the board, sound mute and hints:
- View: switching 3D view and Textured balls options
- Hints: when Show next and Show placing activated, It is shown what kind of the balls and in which positions will appear next.
- Sounds: turn the sounds on/off 
Lamp - Static: lamp does not run for the mouse (it toggles by mouse right button double-click)
- Visible: when activated, the lamp that illuminates the balls is shown. Use the mouse to move the lamp according to your taste (press mouse right button and drag to anythere).
- Altitude: changes the altitude of the lamp (sensitivity).


How are scores calculated?
The smaller the desk the more points are added for each ball removed. Depending on the final score You receive the rating and appropriate funny picture. Max rating has near 1000 scores.

What is hints?
Hints when activated, shows possible moves as green circles around the balls.

How to mute sounds?
Press the Settings button then click the Sound in the menu appeared.

How to optimize game for my slow machine?
Choose 256 colors mode and that's all. High color mode is optimal in most cases and the true color mode is not recommended on slow machines.

Distributive size: 432 Kb Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

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