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Game Kalah

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Game Kalah.

One person against the computer plays, making courses serially. The game field represents twelve green panels - boxes on which spheres are located. About each box the number of spheres taking place in it is specified. On the right and at the left two sticks - "kalah" are located. The course consists in a choice of one of the (for the player - bottom) boxes, spheres from which will be given on one in other boxes and on a stick counter-clockwise. The purpose of the player - to collect it is as much as possible spheres on the kalah (right). Game stops, when all spheres went from boxes on a stick.

2. Adjustment

In the top part of the screen if there to bring the cursor, open the adjusting menu containing three items (Game, Skill, Options). Chosen the cursor item (it is painted in red color) it is possible to open pressing of a key a blank or the left button of the mouse.

In item GAME it is possible to choose:

New - to begin new game;

Undo - a cancellation of the previous course;

Advise - the computer prompts a course (the necessary box starts to pulse);

Move - the right of the first course is transferred the computer;

Quit - exit from game (to leave from game it is possible and having pressed a key < esc >).

In item of menu SKILL you can choose a level of complexity, since the most simple Novice and further on growing: Pupil, Guru, Sage.

In item it is possible to choose menu OPTIONS:

About - the information on founders of game;

Sound - to include / switch off a sound;

Pause - a pause (for continuation it is necessary to press a blank or the button of the mouse).

3. Management

For the next course choose the cursor with the help of the mouse or arrows on the keyboard the necessary box with spheres (it "will be raised" on the screen) and press the left button of the mouse or a key a blank. The rest for you will make the computer.

4. The important remarks

- If last sphere at distribution gets in the kalah is set in additional in motion.

- If last sphere at distribution gets in the "@" empty box all spheres from a box opposite fly to "" kalah.

- If at you does not remain spheres to make a course all staying on a field spheres fly in kalah the computer and on the contrary.

For convenience of calculations under each box and kalah the number of spheres taking place there is specified.


Free download game Kalah

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