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Game Magnetic Crane

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Game Magnetic Crane 

CRASH. Using MC you have to sort out the heap of carriges after the railway crash. MC can be moved in any direction (use ARROW-Keys on the number part of the keyboard). You can switch on and off the crane power (use SPACE-bar) Keep in mind the MC pulls the objects only at a short distance. At a larger distance the object begins to turn head-over-heels. At a great distance the field doesn't work, but the energy decreases. The carriage moves only if there are no obstacles on the way. Be careful the moment the locomotive is on the rails it runs away. If you want to obtain the bonus, try to compose the train to make the "DIALOG-89" from letters on the carriges. Save energy - it will help you at other levels.

LOADERS. Five lazzy loaders unload the platform with grain. Walking only along empty platforms they take every opportunity to evade the job: when they meet each other they turn around, at the edge of the platform they are either run away to the bar or throw down the sack. All these actions impose a fine. You have not enough planforms for the full loader's way. So your task is to organize their work using MC. The crane moves left and right (use the left-right-arrow keys).When it is switched on (SPACE -bar) it can transfer the platforms either empty or with loaders. Be careful - don't touch the loaders. The saved crane energy will help you at other levels.

VEGETABLES. You have to load vegetables into three carriges:in the left - pumpkin, in the middle - cabbage, in the right - water melons. Vegetables appear on top of the screen at random place and at random order. You have to sort them out into the carriges manipulating five magnetic swings with MC. You can move the crane to any direction (ARROW-keys), switch on/off the field intensity (SPACE-bar) and switch the polarity of the field ( 5-key on the numeric part of the keyboard). By switching the polarity all the swings under the crane change the position. Due to the intense field the swings under the crane are attracted, but without the field they lower down. The better you sort out the vegetables the more bonus you get. Strange objects should be thrown into the garbage on both sides of the train. Try not to ruin vegetables with MC and save the crane energy - it will help you at other levels.

Distributive size: 292K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Magnetic Crane

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