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Game Colorhunt

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Game Colorhunt 


The goal of the game is to gain points by removing game pieces from the board. When you place five same color pieces on matching color squares (say, five red balls on red squares), they are removed from the board.

To make a move, click on the desired piece (it will start flashing), then click on a square where you want to move it. The flashing piece will move to the selected destination if there is a path of contiguous squares between the two locations so that it can "roll" to the new square.

If as a result of the move five same color pieces are positioned on matching squares, they are removed from the board and you are awarded game points. Otherwise, two new pieces will randomly appear on the board. The special "smiley" piece can be used as a "joker", i.e. instead of any color.

The status line along the bottom of the board shows current counts for each color. First number represents a total count of particular color pieces on the board, the second number shows how many of them reside on matching sqares.

In the Beginner level you score 1 point for each game piece removed from the field. The Intermediate level awards 2 points, and the Expert level gives you 3 points for each piece.

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