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Game Color Magic

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Brainiversity 2
Brainiversity 2


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Game Color Magic 

If you have played Lines or Balls by Gamos, there isn't going to be any problem in understanding. You play the game on a triangular field, consisting of hexagonal cells, in other words, a "honeycomb". The number of cells in the lowest row depends on the Level of difficulty and can be either 10 or 11. Each of the cells, except for those on the field edge, has 6 neighbors.

The player and the computer move in turns. The computer is the first to move and it puts 6 differently colored balls on the edges and corners of the field. Afterwards the computer, during its turn, puts 3 randomly colored balls into the available cells.

The player can move any ball to a free cell, on the condition that there is a way to move it from its present location to the desired point. The player's objective is to construct certain Figures out of the balls, and for this he (or she) gets Score points. If, as the result of a move, a figure is constructed, it disappears from the field, and the player gets an extra move.

The game is over when there are no free cells left.

Distributive size: 550K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Color Magic

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