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Game Chatterblox Deluxe

Game Chatterblox Delux. free download the game Chatterblox Delux



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Game Chatterblox Deluxe

Free Download Chatterblox Deluxe (5M)          Get Full version ($14.95)

You'll be instantly hooked on this refreshingly cool word game! Help Rex the dinosaur free the Icelings trapped under the ice by building words from the letter blox. Original artwork, characters and music, plus an 80,000 word dictionary, bonus blox and more, combine for outstanding game play. Before you know it, you'll be racing to add your score to the local top 10 list or see how it stacks up against other Chatterblox Champions online.

Deluxe Version Features

* 3 skill levels
* Create words of any length
* Hundreds of challenging levels
* Online Hall of Fame scoring 

What's All the chatter About Chatterblox?

"I'm not a computer game person, but I had alot of fun with Chatterblox. The more I played, the more fun I had! I found myself competing against my earlier scores, and I got smarter with every game, finding new ways to spell more words, get more points, and save more icelings." -Meredith

"Love Chatterblox and could easily play for hours if I had the time! It can be addicting when you are competing with other people for the top score." -Scott

"I'm hooked!" -K.K.

"I love this game! Two thumbs up." - Anne


Oh no! There’s been a cave-in and the icelings are trapped. Help Rex the dinosaur remove the ice blox above them. Build words by clicking blox anywhere on the gameboard. Click submit (or the right mouse button) when you’ve constructed a word.

Deselect blox by clicking the reset button or pressing the space bar on your keyboard. Beware of rocks that crack and break the blox and can also squish the icelings!

You must save the required number of icelings before advancing to the next level. If you run out of icelings to save, the pile of blox will collapse and your game ends.

The timer shows how long you have before the pile of blox collapses. Additional time is added to the timer each time a correct word is submitted.

Use the glowing bonus blox to increase the points you receive when you submit a valid word.


- Use the right mouse button as a shortcut to submit words.
- Click the space bar to clear a word you are constructing.
- Sometimes building small words is a quick way to save more icelings.
- Try to construct large words early in each level when you have the most time.
- Bonus blox multipliers are cumulative (2x + 3x bonus = 5x word value).


- Exit all other applications that may be running.

- Turn off the Windows taskbar clock. This feature continually interrupts Windows to
update the time and can cause poor playback performance. To turn the taskbar clock off:
1. Right click on the taskbar and select Properties.
2. Uncheck the box labeled Show Clock.
3. Click OK.

- Turn off any screen savers using the following steps:
1. Right click on the Windows desktop and select Properties.
2. Select the Screen Saver tab from the Display Properties window.
3. From the list of available screen savers, select None.
4. Click OK.

- Turn off any system monitoring software. Many systems come with utilities that display your computer's use of resources such as CPU, RAM, disk usage, etc. These utilities also interrupt the operating system and video playback.

- If using a laptop computer make sure it is plugged into AC for maximum speed.


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
400 MHz or higher recommended
32 MB or more of installed RAM
Display capable of 640x480 resolution at 16-bit color

Download Chatterblox Deluxe free (5M)

Get Full version ($14.95)

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