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Game Blitz Draughts

The game Bliz draughts. To free download the game Bliz Draughts press download button.

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Collector's Edition
Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Collector's Edition


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Welcome to BLITZ DRAUGHTS, the worlds strongest shareware draughts program! Please note that shareware is * NOT * free software - if you use it, you are obliged to pay for it. You can become a legitimate registered user by purchasing any our program-packs - details will be given when you run BLITZ.

You will need to be a very good player to beat BLITZ, even on a very low level of play. Remember that the F5 key enables two-player/set-up mode, so you can enter the moves of a game to set up a position, or use the computer as a display for two human players. Note that you can also change the X-Y size of the board - have fun with checkers on a 5x7 board! BLITZ is the ONLY program able to do this.

Note that black pieces really come out BROWN - if they were black, they would be invisible! I found this to be the most pleasing combination. You can select CGA mode for true white/black pieces. Hercules graphics users should be able to run BLITZ under SIMCGA. If you are using a mouse, make sure MOUSE.EXE is installed - this is standard for any mouse-program.

BLITZ has all the features that you would expect from a commercial chess program, ie. fast ALPHA-BETA tree search, opening book (for the 8 by 8 game), and much more. The response time is used as a GAME­AVERAGE - sometimes the computer takes longer, but in the long run it is accurate. The total time taken is given as #Sec, and total moves as #Mov, at the top right of the screen. The CORNER-MODE inverts all black squares for grey and visa versa - this is most effective on odd-sized board shapes. When BLITZ returns a score of +/-30000, a win/loss is in sight, and the compter is playing perfectly!

If you like SHAREWARE-BLITZ, please buy the full version, on GAMES- -PACK-1, which has extra Strength Levels, position Edit, Game Replay/ Load/Save/Backtrack and more. It also plays a MUCH stronger, faster game

- indeed tests show that it outplays ALL other commercial draughts programs at this time.

PLEASE support quality shareware like this!!


DRAUGHTS is traditionally played on the BLACK squares of an 8 by 8 chess board - BLITZ can re-size the board, but for clarity let us discuss the 8 by 8 game. The squares are numbered from 1 (bott right) to 32 (top left), with black men on squares 1-12 and white on squares 21-32. Men move diagonally forward onto empty squares, or jump over and capture an opponent if there's a clear space behind it. One VERY important rule - IF YOU CAN JUMP, YOU MUST! If, after jumping, the same piece can jump again, IT MUST! One exception to this rule - when a man reaches the KING-ROW (the 8th), and is made into a KING, it may NOT make any futher jumps - until the next move! When a man becomes a KING, it can move in all 4 diagonal directions. When one side has no legal moves left, that side loses the game!

When playing, move your cursor by using the numbers around the

'5' on the numeric keypad and hit RETURN to select piece. If that

piece can move in more than one direction, you will then need to

select a direction key (1,3,7,9) - ie. 7 moves up-left. If you have

a MOUSE you can simply click the left button on source and

destination squares. To abort the computers thinking, hit the ESC

key ONCE - you may have to wait a bit before the cursor appears.

You can select pull-down menus with the mouse - hold the right button, move to the desired menu option and release the button.


Free download game Blitz Draughts (46K)

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