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Emberwing: Lost Legacy Collector's Edition
Emberwing: Lost Legacy Collector's Edition


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PeJo Software gives you the puzzle/strategy game Beshaped.

Beshaped is based on the popular Internet game Bejeweled.

However Beshaped takes you to the next level! Instead of jewels on the board the pieces on the Beshaped board symbolizes different shapes. Instead of building lines with your pieces you shall build those shapes that the pieces symbolizes.

How to play!

The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible. You get points by moving the pieces on the board so that they form a certain shape. Forming a shape will make the pieces explode, disappear and you receive points. When the pieces disappear the pieces above will fall down and fill the gap and new pieces will come at the top of the board. It's as simple as that! The game is over when there is no more available moves or you (when playing at level 2 or 3) run out of time.

How to move

You can move any piece on the board and you can move it one step up,down, left or right. When you move the piece to an adjacent position on the board the piece will change place with the piece that existed there before. If the move doesn't produce a new shape it will not be allowed and the piece will be moved back.

To move a piece, you first select the piece that you want to move by clicking on it. When the piece has been selected you click on the position you want to move it to, and it will move.


How to form a shape

There are 5 different shapes with corresponding pieces and they are line, triangle, V, square and cross.


The pieces that shall form a line looks like this . The smallest line you can build consists of three pieces. Below are some examples of how a line is formed:


The pieces that shall form a triangle looks like this . The smallest triangle you can build consists of three pieces. Below are some examples of how a triangle is formed:


The pieces that shall form a V looks like this . The smallest V you can build consists of three pieces. Below are some examples of how a V is formed:


The pieces that shall form a square looks like this . The smallest square you can build consists of four pieces. Below are some examples of how a square is formed:


The pieces that shall form a cross looks like this . The smallest Cross you can build consists of five pieces. Below are some examples of how a cross is formed:


When forming a shape the is no rule against pieces being part of more than one shape. For example look at the situation below:


Here you can see that there exists two different V shapes and that the two pieces in the middle exists in both V shapes. The result here is that all four pieces will explode and disappear.


The bonus bar

The bonus bar is situated at the top of the screen and when you receive points it will increase to the right. The more points you receive the more it will increase. When it reaches the right side you will receive bonus and all the pieces on the board are replaced. That feature is important to remember because the longer you play without replacing the pieces the harder it tends to be to form new shapes. So keep the bonus coming and you will be successful.

When playing at level 2 or 3 the bonus bar acts in a little different way than in level 1. First it starts at the middle instead of the left side. It will then tick down periodically and if it reaches the left side the game will be over. The bar will still increase to the right when you receive points. When playing at level 3 the bar will tick down faster than it does at level 2.



When a shape is formed you will receive points based on how many pieces you remove within the same move. The smallest shape that can be formed consists of 3 pieces. Clearing 3 pieces in one move will give you 10 points. Clearing 4 pieces will give you 30 points and clearing 5 will give you 50 points and so forth.

An example:

You move one piece to form a cross with 5 pieces. The cross will disappear and new pieces will fall down resulting in a new shape: a small triangle with 3 pieces. When the shapes fall down the next time, there isn't any new shape formed and thus you have cleared 8 pieces within that move giving you 10+(8-3)*20=110 points.

When you receive bonus you will increase your score with 10 %.



If you have not moved within 30 seconds and there exist a move, the computer will propose a move by coloring two pieces white. This move is seldom the best move.

Menus and Controls

At the bottom of the screen are four popup menus located that is used to control the game.

Starting a new game

To start a new game choose Game -> new.

Pausing the game

If you want to do something else for a while but you don't want to terminate an ongoing game you can press Game -> Pause and the game will be paused. This means that the bonus bar will stop decreasing. To resume playing the game press Game->Play.

Enable / disable sound

The button Game->Sound Effects toggles the sound on and off.

Exit the game

To quit the game and free all resources allocated, select Game->Exit.

Changing level

Select the level you want to play in the level menu. This will start a new game with the selected level.

Viewing the highscore list

To view the 10 highest scores for a certain level, select the level that you that you want to see from the Highscore menu.

Minimizing the game

If you want to hide the game to be able to use another application, you can press the minimize button at the upper right corner. The game will then be put in the background and paused. When you put the game in focus again it will be resumed.

Distributive size: 1.7M Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Beshaped

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