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Game Arcade Lines

Game Arcade Lines. free download the game Arcade Lines


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Arcade Lines is an extremely addictive puzzle game with brilliant graphics, popular pulsating music and a great variety of different game modes. It does not require fast reflexes and is even easy for kids to learn, but requires enough strategy to keep you hooked for hours.

Arcade Lines is played on a board that fills with multi-colored pieces as the game progresses. You have a very simple objective: Stop the board from filling up by forming rows of 5 or more pieces of the same color. The rows will disappear, leaving more space for new pieces. 

Sounds too easy? Build more lines in consecutive moves to get the combo bonus for a higher score. With every turn you may move only one piece, and only if there is a clear path to its destination. As space becomes scarce there are less useful moves to choose from, so the game gets gradually harder. Getting a high score by surviving as long as possible is a challenge for every Arcade Lines player.

"Arcade Lines was a really challenging and interesting game that got more and more addictive the more I played it. Really simple, but I guarantee it's very addictive. Very much fun!"
-- Dr. ROM, review on KSFO Radio, San Francisco

Many of our customers love to play Arcade Lines at work. Your current game is automatically saved when you close Arcade Lines and resumed the next time you start it. That's why it is convenient to play it even during a coffee break.

Arcade Lines is very well suited for players of all ages. It is easy to learn even without reading the manual, highly adaptable to your skill level, 100% violence-free and encourages logical thinking. 

Numerous special pieces add variety to the game, making it even more fun:

  • Watch out! The fan will blow your game pieces away

  • Dissolve the multiplier and get 3, 6, or even 9 times higher scores 

  • Repaint surrounding pieces the same color using the color bucket 

  • And there are many more!

Arcade Lines features 6 different game modes, making sure that you will find exactly the difficulty level you want. In addition, you can easily create your own custom game mode by choosing from the numerous options available. And there is also a time-based game mode for those seeking extra excitement!

"I still enjoy a good puzzle game, especially this one."
-- Adam Finley,

While Arcade Lines is great fun to play on your own, you can also compete with other players. With a single click, Arcade Lines will download the world's top highscores from this Web site. If your score is among the Top 10, it will be automatically uploaded to the Website and thousands of other people all over the world will instantly be able to see your highscore!

You can test Arcade Lines now for free. Just click here to download the trial version. Or buy the full version now. There's absolutely no risk - we have a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee, so we guarantee that you'll have loads of fun with the full version.

Basic Rules

Arcade Lines is played on a 9x9-squared board, which is filled with colored game pieces. Your goal is to align five or more pieces of the same color into a row by moving the pieces on the board. 

To move a piece, click on it - a visual effect will show that the game piece is selected. Then click on the destination field or, even easier, simply keep the mouse button pressed and drag the mouse pointer to this destination field. If the move is legal, the game piece will now move to its new position. Game pieces can be moved for unlimited distances vertically and horizontally, but not diagonally, and there must be a free path from their origin to their destination. 

Aligning five or more of the game pieces of the same color in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines, will make them disappear and you will score points. New game pieces will appear after every move that does not complete a row. When the board is completely filled with pieces, the game ends.

Combo Bonus

Build several lines in consecutive turns to get the Combo bonus! The first line scores as usual, the second is doubled, the third is tripled and so on.

Additional Information

In addition to the regular game pieces, several Special Game Pieces can appear on the board. The scoring rules explain in detail how many points you get for each row. There are several different game modes to choose from. Check out the Internet Highscores Feature to see how you can compete with people from all over the world. Detailed statistics will help you to analyze how good you are playing.

Multi-Colored Pieces

These game pieces fit in every row which contains one of its two colors, e.g. the green and yellow colored stone will fit in green rows as well as in yellow rows. These game pieces count to your score just as normal pieces would.


The joker fits into every row just as if it had the same color as the other pieces in the row. It counts to your score just as normal pieces would. You cannot build a row of jokers only.


The fan is the only game piece that cannot be moved. You can combine it with any other color, but beware: since the fan will blow other balls away, it is not easy to get rid of. This piece is available in the full version of Arcade Lines only.

Dynamite Bar

Just like the Joker, it can be used as any color to build a row. However, when it is dissolved, it blows up all balls on the board that have the same color as the last dissolved row! You only get the score for the row you dissolved, but the dynamite bar is still great when the board gets stuffed.

Paint Bucket

Dissolving a row which contains a paint bucket will give all adjacent game pieces a same - randomly chosen - color. Usually this is a great tool for scoring lots of combos. This piece is available in the full version of Arcade Lines only.


Dissolving Multipliers will multiply the score for this move by the factor displayed. For example, if you remove a line with 5 game pieces and one of them is a '6x'-Multiplier you will score 6x3=18 points! Don't waste more than one Multiplier for one row though - It will not increase your score any further. This piece is available in the full version of Arcade Lines only.


The Hourglass occurs in the time-based mode only. It behaves exactly like a regular joker except that it extends your time by 15 seconds when being dissolved. This piece is available in the full version of Arcade Lines only.
Standard Game Modes

The standard game modes differ by the following characteristics:
- The number of new game pieces that appear after every move
- The number of differently colored game pieces
- The frequency of occurrence of the Special Game Pieces
- The frequency of occurrence of the Additional Pieces
- The amount of balls that are already on the board when the game is started.

Regular Light Edition: This is the only level available in the trial version of Arcade Lines. It features slightly filled board, 7 colors for the regular game pieces, few additional pieces, no Color Buckets, Fans or Multiplicators

Kids: This game mode is very simple and therefore well-suited for small children. Very slightly filled board, few new game pieces after every move, lots of Jokers and two-colored game pieces, 7 colors for the regular game pieces, no Dynamite Bars, Fans or Multiplicators

Easy: slightly filled board, few new game pieces after every move, lots of special game pieces, 7 colors for the regular game pieces

Regular: slightly filled board, 8 colors for the regular game pieces, few additional pieces

Difficult: heavily filled board, many new game pieces after every move, 8 colors for the regular game pieces, few positive special game pieces, a lot of additional pieces

Pro: board stuffed with pieces, lots of new game pieces after every move, 9 colors for the regular game pieces, few positive special game pieces, a lot of additional pieces

Custom Game Mode

This game mode provides unlimited variation in game play. By customizing the minimum row size, the number of colors and the number of new game pieces per round as well as the frequency of the special game pieces, you can create a game mode just as you like it.

Download Arcade Lines free (2.5M)

Get Full version ($14.95)

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