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Solitaire Yukon

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Game Yukon Solitaire 

Yukon is a solitaire game which provides scope for skillful manipulation. The object is to build upon the four foundations from ace to king, following in suit, using cards available from the tableau. Cards at the bottom of each row of the tableau are available for the foundations or to be built upon by a card of next lower rank and of opposite color. Available for building is any face up card in a different row, regardless how deeply buried. Whenever a pile is cleared of face up cards, the top face down card may be turned over. A space created by the removal of all cards from a row may be filled only with a king.

Face up cards may be Moved by dragging them. Place the mouse pointer on the card to be moved, and while depressing the left mouse button, move it to the new location.

If moving a card that is covered by other cards, take care to place the pointer so that it points only to that card, not to those covering it. Such card, together with all that cover it may be picked up and Moved as a unit. (Note only single cards available from the bottom of a row may be moved to the foundations.)

An outline of the card(s) is created when in transit and valid settling points are highlighted when the moved card passes over such an area. When the appropriate highlight is visible, release the mouse button and the cards will remove themselves from their original position and be placed in the desired one. Releasing the button when no highlight is visible ends the move operation without change.

In the special instance of moving a card from the bottom of a column to the foundation, an alternative of double clicking on the card is provided. Double clicking on an ace will, for example, place it immediately on the next open space in the foundation row.

The last move made can be "undone" by first selecting Game from the Menu bar and then the menu item Undo. This menu item is grayed at the start of a New Game or immediately after a previous move was "undone".

When a New Game is started, the cards are dealt into seven piles forming the tableau, using all 52 cards in the pack The seven cards at the bottom of each column of the tableau may be built upon by a card of the next lower rank and opposite color. Aces may be built on deuces, but not kings on aces.

Available for building is any face up card in the tableau, regardless how deeply buried. Such card, together with all that cover it, may be picked up and moved as a unit.

Aces at the bottom of a column may be moved up to form the foundation row above the tableau. Similarly, as they become available, cards of the next higher rank and of the same suit may built upon the foundations, ace through king.

Whenever face up cards are cleared off a pile, the top face down card may be turned over making it available by clicking on it using the left mouse button.

Spaces created by removal of an entire column may only be filled by a king. Any face up king is available for this purpose, covering cards being moved as a unit.

Distributive size: 60K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

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