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Solitaire Pyramid

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Game Pyramid Solitaire 

Pyramid is a solitaire game of the Addition type. The object is to remove all cards from the screen singly or in pairs and discard them. Kings are discarded singly, all others are removed in pairs totalling thirteen. Aces count as one, jacks count 11, and queens 12. A card is available for removal if it is not covered by any other. 

Removing Cards
Only cards not covered by any other, the top card in the hand and the card on top of the waste pile are available for removal. The cards selected for discard must either be a king, or a pair totalling 13, the jack being 11, the queen 12.

To remove a pair of cards, choose the first by clicking on it using the left mouse button. The colors of the card will change indicating it is one of a pair being selected for removal. Then simply choose the other card in a similar manner. Removing the king of course requires no second selection.

If the choice doesn't follow the rules specified for the game being played, you will hear a Beep, indicating the choice is invalid and, if Messages are opted for, a dialog box will appear to inform you of that fact.

To "de-select" a card, click on the card a second time and its colors will return to normal to indicate it is no longer being considered for removal. 

If an error is made when selecting cards for removal a warning Beep is sounded. By default, this is followed by a dialog box which provides a reminder of the rule which was violated.

You may eliminate the appearance of the dialog box by first choosing the Game menu item from the Pyramid Menu bar followed by the Message menu item.

The last move made can be "undone" by first selecting Game from the Menu bar and then the menu item Undo. This menu item is grayed at the start of a New Game or immediately after a previous move was "undone".

As you play the hand will be exhausted having been put atop the waste pile or discarded. Turning the waste pile over to form a new hand is termed a Redeal.
You may vary the level of challenge by setting a limit on the number of redeals possible in any given game from None to No Limit. The default is Three. To change the number, first choose Games from the Menu bar, then No. Redeals, then the number desired.

When a New Game is started, the cards are dealt into a pyramid shaped tableau and the remainder of the pack is placed at the upper right corner of the screen forming the hand. The seven cards at the bottom of the tableau are available for removal. Cards in the other rows above become available when those covering it are discarded.

New cards are made available by turning over the top card of the hand. This is done by clicking on the top card of the hand using the left mouse button. The card is thus turned face up and placed at the upper left of the hand. This card is available for play along with those available in the pyramid. Turning over the next card in the hand will move the last card turned (if not discarded) into a waste pile placed at the upper right of the hand. The top card of the waste pile is also available for play.

For example, you might choose a six which was just turned up from the hand and a seven on top of the waste pile for removal as both these cards are available. Similarly, either of these cards or neither may be used with a card available from the pyramid.

When the last card in the hand is made available, a rectangle shows where the hand was originally placed. To redeal, simply click in this rectangle.

Distributive size: 60K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download solitaire Pyramid

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