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King Albert Solitaire

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Game King Albert Solitaire

Rules For Playing This Game

The Layout

Nine rows of cards are dealt face up. The first row contains nine cards, each subsequent row contains one less card than the previous row. These cards are called the "tableau". The tableau looks much like the popular "Klondike" solitaire game except that there are more rows, and all of the cards are dealt face up.

After dealing cards to the tableau, the seven cards remaining cards will be place in the "reserve" area at the top left corner of the screen.

To the right of the reserve area are four "foundations."

The Object of the Game

The object is to release the Aces from the tableau and reserve areas and build them upon the foundations, in numerical sequence and in suit, up to Kings.

Valid Moves

Unlike traditional "Klondike" Solitaire, only one card may be moved at a time. Only the last, fully exposed card in each tableau column can be moved or played upon.

Build upon cards in the tableau downward in alternating colors (i.e. move a red 5 onto a black 4).

Build upon the foundations in incrementing order, by suit (i.e. play 2 of Spades on the Ace of Spades in the foundation).

Reserve cards can be played on foundation or tableau cards as needed.

Empty columns may be left empty, or filled with any card. (See the tips for hints on utilizing empty column spaces)

Winning the Game

The game is won when all 52 cards have been moved up to the foundations and the four foundations have all been built from Aces up to Kings.

Free download King Albert Solitaire

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