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Frog Solitaire

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Game Frog Solitaire 

Rules For Playing This Game

The Layout

Thirteen cards are dealt and placed in the reserve area located to the left of the waste piles. If the reserve cards contain any aces they are automatically placed into the foundation.

The foundation is made up of the eight aces. They are placed in a single row at the top of the screen above the waste piles. There are five waste piles located below the foundation and to the right of the reserve.

The Object of the Game

The object is to place all the cards from the reserve and waste piles into the foundations in incremental order beginning with aces.

Valid Moves

The aces are placed into the foundation as they are made available from the hand. Cards from the hand are turned up one at a time. If the card cannot be played onto the foundations, it is placed in any one of the five waste piles.. As many or as few cards may be put in one waste pile. Placement of the cards into the waste piles is very important (refer to Strategy Tips for more information).

Build upon the foundations in incrementing order (i.e. three on two, two on an Ace, etc.) regardless of suit. Reserve cards should be played on the foundations as soon as they are available for play. Reserve cards cannot be played on the waste piles.

Winning the Game

The game is won when all cards have been moved up to the foundations and the eight foundations have all been built from Aces up to Kings.

Strategy Tips For This Game

Always play a card from the reserve area onto the foundation before doing anything else. Since the reserve area cards can only be played upon the foundation, all cards in the reserve pile are "land locked" and can block the succesfull conclusion of the game unless they are freed up as soon as possible.

Once no more cards can be played from the reserve area, play cards from the waste pile up to the foundation. After playing waste pile cards, make sure to check again that the card from the reserve area can't be played now that cards from the waste pile have been played.

Once all options from the reserve and waste pile have been played up to the foundation, play a card from the deck. Cards played from the deck should be played up to the foundation first, if possible. Otherwise, play the card into one of the waste piles.

Managing the waste piles is one of the keys to the game! Always try to play a card onto a card of HIGHER value (i.e. leaving the lowest numbered cards on top) because cards are played onto the foundation in the reverse order -- lowest to highest (Ace, 2, 3...). If a higher card is played on a lower card, it essentially "land locks" the lower card beneath it until that card is removed. Unblocking cards can be difficult, however, because the lower card (which is trapped underneath) is needed FIRST!

Since this game uses 2 decks of cards, there are TOO many cards to deal with -- it is absolutely unavoidable that at some moment it'll be impossible to not block a card with a higher value card. The best approach is to minimize the effect by:

* Keeping the cards close in value. It's OK to block a 4 with a 5, but don't block a 4 with a King because it'll take MUCH too long to be able to play the King before the 4 can finally become unburied.

* Use each waste pile to hold a different range of card values. Don't stack Kings on fours. Use one waste pile for just Kings and Queens. Use another for low value cards. Use another for 6, 7, 8, and 9's, etc. That keeps the cards spread out as much as possible so that they don't become blocked by other cards of a significantly greater value.

Distributive size: 80K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download Frog Solitaire

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