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Friday 13 Solitaire

The Friday 13 Solitaire. To free download the Friday 13 Solitaire press download button.


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Card Game Friday 13 Solitaire 

Rules For Playing This Game

The Layout

There are 13 foundations located in two rows across the top of the screen. The foundations range from the Jack through the 10. When beginning a new game, a Jack, Queen, King, and Ace are dealt to the first four foundations, respectively.

The remainder of the deck is located below the foundations. Cards are turned over one at a time to be played. Once all of the cards have been played, one more redeal is allowed.

The Object of the Game

The object is to build upon the foundation cards in such a way as to play all cards, and build at least one card on every foundation.

Valid Moves

Each empty foundation is labeled with a number, ranging in order from Jack through 10. The first card to be played to an empty foundation must match the rank labeled on the empty foundation.

Cards are turned over from the hand one at a time. If the card can not be played, it should be moved over to the adjacent waste pile. The top card on the waste pile can be played at any time. 

Build upon cards on the foundations upwards regardless of suit (i.e. move any 5 onto any 4).

A card can be played to an empty foundation only if all foundations of a lower rank (foundations to the left) are already filled with at least one card. For example, at the beginning of the game, a 2 card can be played onto the 2 foundation because all foundations to the left (the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace) are already filled. A 4 card could not be played onto the 4 foundation until the 2 and 3 foundations are filled with at least one card each.

Winning the Game

The game is won when all the cards have been moved to the foundations , and all of the foundations are filled with at least one card, before the cards run out on the second redeal.

Strategy Tips For This Game

Since all of the foundations must be filled, it is always better to move a card to an empty foundation when possible, rather than playing it on top of another card. For example, at the beginning of the game, it is preferable to move a 2 onto the empty 2 foundation than to move it on top of the Ace.

Keep an eye on the cards that are being played -- make sure to leave unused cards to play onto empty foundations later. If all four cards of a particular rank are on top of other cards, there won't be one available to play onto an empty foundation later.

Remember that there is one additional redeal on the cards, so occasionally it's better to not play a card on top of another card if it's the only one left that can be played on a foundation later -- skip the card and play it the next time around.

Distributive size: 81.268 Kb Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download Friday 13 Solitaire

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