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Game Deadend

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Card game Deadend 

The simple card game is offered to your attention. This game was popular in the south of Russia. The basic rules of game are the following:

1. Two, three or four players can take part in the game. The number of players doesn't influence of the rules.

The note: in this version a game between a man a computer is given.

2. The pack in 52 cards is used. There is no trumps in the game.

3. The delivery is made in turns, and the dealer gives four cards to each player and leave four cards open on a table.

4. Turns are observed in the course of the game. The first course always belongs to the player, sitting to the left of the dealer.

5. The aim of the game is to collect maximum number of cards, therefore each player tries to collect as many bribes as possible.

6. The bribes are take by identical cards. For example, it is possible to take a King by a King, a Queen - by a Queen, a Ten - by a Ten, etc. Besides it is possible to take bribes by the number of points, for example, an Ace, a Two and a Five, all in all make eight points they can be taken by an Eight and etc. Certainly, it's better to take a several cards by one.

7. Every Jack is considered to be the most senior card in a pack, therefore it takes all cards laying on a table.

8. When all the cards are come to an end the dealer gives four cards to each player and game goes on. The same dealer remains till the end of a pack. Then the player at the left becomes the dealer.

9. The cards are left open only at the first distribution of cards.

10. It is impossible to pass. If there is nothing to take a bribe with, it is necessary to put any card on the table.

11. It is impossible to take more than one bribe in succession.

12. Two of Clubs and Ten of Diamonds refer to as 'DeadEnds' and have advantages. The player, who at the end of game has one of these cards, has the right to add 1 point. If he had both card - he adds 2 points.

The note: the points for these cards are charged on a course of game.

13. The dealer while opening four desktop cards is should not leave two identical cards or Jack. He is obliged to put such cards in the middle of a pack and then to open a new card.

14. The cards, that stayed on a table at the end of pack, are taken by one who has taken last bribe.

15. The cards of Clubs have the special value. The player, who at the end of game has more of these cards, has the right to add 1 point.

16. The account of the cards and the Clubs is made after the end of a pack.

17. The player, which has more cards at the end of the pack, add 2 points.

18. Each game has the maximum of 5 points: 2 for the cards, 2 for the 'DeadEnds' and 1 for the Clubs.

19. Wins a game the one who will collect 15 points by first. In a case of draw game proceeds so long as one of the players will collect more points.

20. The player, which still has up to a victory only 1 or 2 points, can win on the course of the game if he will take one 'DeadEnd', or both 'DeadEnds'.

The note: the game by these rules is realized in the basic variant of the program.

21. Besides there is a variant of the game, in which the figured cards have own prices, so: the King - 13 points, the Queen - 12, the Jack - 11. It is possible, for example, to take a King by a King, or to take some cards, which points make 13. The Jack has not advantage and all cards, as in the basic variant, does not take.

The note: the game by this rule is realized in "variant B" of the game.

Distributive size: 133K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download card game Deadend

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