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Game Turoid

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Brick Breaker Marathon for iPad   


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Game Turoid


When you run Turoid, the first screen that you see is the Introduction screen. This screen shows the title (TUROID) and the high score table. Here you can:

* Click the left mouse button (or hit Return) to start a new game. * Click the right mouse button for Help.

* Press the ESC key to quit Turoid.

* Press Key 1..9 to set Mouse Sensitivity with 9 being most sensitive. 5 is the default value.

Press the left mouse and start a new game. At the bottom of the game screen is a status bar. It shows the number of remaining paddle, the current level, and your total score. To start the level, you first position the paddle with the mouse (note that the paddle move accordingly) by moving the mouse left or Click the left mouse button to release the ball. The ball will bounce back against the surrounding walls except the bottom wall. You try to prevent the ball from hitting the bottom wall by catching the ball with the paddle. If there are no ball left on the screen, the paddle will die. You have four paddles for each game. If the ball hit a brick, one of the following occurs:

* If the brick is green, then this brick is immediately destroyed. Green brick is the weakest brick and it only requires one hit to be destroyed.

* If the brick is orange, two hits are required before it can be destroyed.

* If the brick is white, three hits are required.

* Yellow bricks can not be destroyed unless you have special balls (Power or Super ball, I'll explain later).

* If the brick is purple, the ball inside will fall down. Try to avoid this falling purple ball. If your paddle is hit twice with these falling ball, it is destroyed. The paddle shakes after it's been hit once.

* If the brick is gold, this is a special brick and many things occur:

* Four surrounding bricks fall down. Again, try to avoid these falling bricks.

* The brick becomes 4 balls.

* The brick becomes 16 balls.

* The ball turns into a special Power ball (white ball). The Power ball destroys any brick with only hit.

* The ball turns into a special Super ball (yellow ball).

Super ball is like the Power ball but it does not bounce back. It only bounces back against the surrounding walls.

* A circle around the ball. Move the ball to a new location with the mouse. Click the left mouse button to release the ball. The ball is automatically released after five seconds if you don't manually release it.

* None of the above happens and the gold ball inside fall down (slowly). This is the ball that you want to catch. Contained in each ball is a hidden special feature. Try to catch it with the paddle. The following are possible special features:

* The paddle expands and become wider. Longer paddle makes ball catching easier.

* The paddle reduces and become shorter. Shorter paddle means harder to catch the ball.

* Paddle's color change to red and makes any ball that you catch stick to the paddle. This allows you to move the ball to a new location. Click the left mouse button to release any sticking balls

* Paddle changes to a laser paddle. Click or hold down the left mouse to shoot. There are two types of laser. The faster ones are harder to get.

* Slow down all balls on the screen. This is helpful sometimes since each ball speed up after a certain period of time.

* Reduce paddle shaking. Notice that the special ball also shakes as it falls down. Try to catch it if you've been hit by a falling brick before.

* Gain one more paddle (very rare).

* Skip to next level (very rare).

Remember that the only falling object that you want to catch is the gold ball. Although there six types of bricks, your task is to only destroy the green, orange, and white bricks. You complete the level when all of these bricks are destroyed. During the game, the following keys are active:

* ESC key returns to the Introduction screen

* 's' key to switch sound On/Off.

* Space Bar (or p) pauses the game. Click the left mouse button or any key to continue.

Key 1..9 to set Mouse Sensitivity with 9 being most sensitive. After you finish all levels (or you ran out of paddles), the game returns to the Introduction screen. If you qualify for the high score table, you'll be asked to enteryour name in the Introduction screen. The appropriate line in the high score table will flash if you qualify. Enter your name and hit return.

- - - - - BONUS LEVEL

At the end of every level is a bonus level. If there are some bricks (yellow, gold, or purple bricks) remaining from the last level, they will fall down. Again try to avoid these falling bricks. After all the bricks have fallen, the paddle will change into a short laser paddle. Bonus balls will jump out from either the left or the right walls. Try to shoot them down and avoid them from hitting you. Each bonus ball will bounce five times before it self-destructs. Each bonus ball destroyed is worth 20 points. At the bottom of the screen shows you the number of bonus balls you have destroyed so far.

Distributive size: 85.472 Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Turoid

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