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Treasure Pyramid

Treasure Pyramid


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Free Download game QBz (3.6M)     Get Full version ($19.95)


Click to remove groups of two or more funny QBz characters. But first, try to make the largest group of one color you possibly can, to score big points! Easy to play, difficult to master when competing against the planet for worldwide scores!


Q: How do I score big to get on the local and worldwide high scores?
A: Big points come from big groups. Try to get the hugest possible group together before removing the QBeez!

Q: Where do I find the 96 different types of games? 
A: In the Options menu - mix and match the game variations for 96 different games! There are also 96 different local and worldwide high scores lists to match!

Q: How do I get bunnies to appear?
A: In the month of April, just rotate the board and then shuffle! In any other month, rotate the board, then hold down the 'b' key while shuffling!


QBz has been tested thoroughly to make sure it will operate correctly for users whose computers have sufficient 3D hardware and processor speeds. Computers with a 3D video card, and processor of 333Mhz or higher should perform well. 

If you run into problems with strange system behavior or visual oddities, you may want to try these fixes:

1) Upgrade your computers video card drivers. This can be done by identifying the type of video card your computer is using, and finding the manufacturer's web site.

2) Download and re-install the game. Sometimes downloading and installing the latest version fixes the problem!

If this doesn't help, you may want to ontact Skunk Studios support and report the problem as a bug.


For customer support relating to the purchase of this version of the game, you will need to contact Skunk Studios.

95, 98, NT, ME, XP, 2000

Mac OSX, Mac OS9

System Requirements
333Mhz, 128MB RAM

Download free QBz (3.6M)

Get Full version ($19.95)

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