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Game Super Pop'n'Fish

The game Super Pop'n'Fish download free version

Smiles: Fortune Hunters!

Smiles: Fortune Hunters!


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Arcade game Super Pop'n'Fish

I. System Requirements
II. How to play

I. System Requirements

Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP
233Mhz Processor
64MB Ram
16-bit capable video card
16-bit Sound card
Directx 6.0

II. How to Play


Score as many points as possible by freeing the trapped fish! Fish are released from their bubble traps by grouping three or more like-colored fish together. Complete a level to unlock new fish, special fish, and bonus levels. See how many levels you can conquer!

How to Play:

Fish are released in pairs from the waiting area at the bottom on the screen. Move your mouse to the column you would like to float the fish into and either click or wait for the timed auto-float. The fish stack up in the play area until you free them by creating a group of three or more like-colored fish together. To maximize your score try and create larger groupings and chain reactions - sometimes it is better not to go for the easy match, but to build up a column and go for the big points.


The number of fish left in a level is indicated by the FISH meter in the lower right of the screen. To move on to the next level you must float all of the fish bubbles and ensure that the none of the columns reach the bottom of the screen. Once the level is complete the Seahorse tallies up the empty rows which receive bonus points. Each level becomes more difficult, with more fish and less time before the auto-float takes over.

Bonus Rounds:

At the end of every second level you get a bonus round. In the bonus round you use the mouse to control the Seahorse. Fish are floated an entire row at a time and you use the Seahorse to release them. The more you release - the more bonus points you get!

Special Fish:

At the end of some levels you unlock special fish that can help you clear the screen:

Blowfish - Clears the fish it lands on
Starfish - Clears all fish that match the color it lands on
Seahorse - Clears the column it lands on
Numbers - Reduce with each float, until they disappear

Choose wisely how you use them as you don't earn points with special fish - but they can get you out of trouble when a column gets high!

High Scores:

At the end of a game you can enter your score to the local scoreboard. You can choose to clear the scores and start fresh at any time.

Pausing and Quiting:

You can pause the game at any time by clicking on the PAUSE button. This will pause the game and music and allow you to either continue, or start a new game. To leave the program at any time, press the QUIT button.


From the Options menu you can adjust the music and sound effects volume. You can also choose to play MP3 music files from your hard drive. Once you have chosen a directory that contains your MP3 music, the game will play that song and then automatically play the next file in the directory - just like an MP3 jukebox!

You can also chose to view the high scores during the game so that you can see the score you want to beat!

Download Super Pop'n'Fish free (4.7M)

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