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Game Mine Trap

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Snowy: Treasure Hunter 2

Snowy: Treasure Hunter 2


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Game Mine Trap.


To destroy the invading mine monsters by trapping them in holes and then knocking them through the floors with your pick.


Use the arrow keys (up, down, left, right) on your keyboard to move your miner across the floors and up and down the ladders.
Use the <d> key to dig.
Use the <f> key to fill up holes and to whack monsters.
Use the <p> key to pause and resume the game.

How to Play

With your mouse, select New Game under the File menu. The game will start when you press an arrow key to move. The first rule is to avoid the monsters -- your miner will die if they catch up to him. To destroy a monster, you must do two things: First, set a trap by digging a hole in any floor (besides the ground floor) with your pick. Do this by hitting the dig <d> key three times. Second, when a monster is stuck in a hole, whack it three times. Do this with your fill <f> key. This will drop the monster through the floor.

The blue monsters are the easiest to destroy -- they'll die when they fall through one floor. But the other monsters must fall from greater heights before they die. The green monsters must fall two floors, and the red monsters must fall three floors. To kill them, you'll need to line up holes on different floors.

If you fail to whack a monster while it is in a hole, it will emerge after five seconds and the hole will be filled. While the monster is stuck, a countdown timer will appear over its head, showing you how much longer it will be trapped. If a monster is stuck in a hole, another monster can run over it. Likewise, while a monster is stuck in a hole, your miner can run over it without being killed.

If any monster falls on top of any other, both will die unless the bottom one is stuck in a hole at the time of the fall.
Neither you nor the monsters can pass over partially dug holes.

Your miner can fall through holes without being killed.

Game time is indicated by the green bar at the bottom of the screen. The timer is reset for each new game level. If time runs out before you kill all the monsters on one difficulty level, you will lose one miner.

You will begin the game with three miners. You'll earn an extra one when you reach 10,000 points.

You'll get 50 points for each blue monster you destroy, 100 points for each green monster, and 200 points for each red monster.

Each time you finish a difficulty level, you'll get 10 points for each second left on the timer. To speed up the addition of the bonus points at the end of a difficulty level, hit the space bar on your keyboard while the points are being totaled.


High Score: Under High Score in the Preferences menu, click Show to dislpay the high score chart. Click Clear to erase the scores in the chart.
Speed: The default setting for the game is Fast PC. If you have problems with game speed, switch the setting by selecting Slow PC.
Sound: Click On to turn the sound on. Click Off to turn it off.
Note: If you have trouble running this game, try running it with the sound switched off.

Distributive size: 300K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Mine Trap

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