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Game Maxwell's Maniac

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Game Maxwell's Maniac.

The object of Maxwell's Maniac is to separate the red molecules from the blue molecules inside that famous divided Maxwell chamber, using the slidergate. At higher game levels you use the right mouse button to place lead bricks to help channel the molecules where you want them. Place the bricks carefully, as you don't get many.

There are three separate games within Maxwell's Maniac, each with multiple levels. You can play each at slow or fast speed.

Move is the easiest game. The object is to move the red molecules from the blue side of the chamber to the red side. With each new level it gets tougher to keep track of which molecules are passing through the slidergate.
Swap begins with the red molecules on the blue side and the blue molecules on the red side of the chamber. Use the slidergate to swap the molecules over to their proper side.

Paint is a variation of Swap, except when a molecule passes through to the correct side of the chamber it loses its color and becomes gray. The object is to paint all the molecules gray. You've got to be quick, though, because a painted molecule, escaping back through the slidergate, regains its original color.

You can play all three games with the prize ball molecule, by choosing Prize Ball from the Options menu. This gray ball is an unstable molecule that (for a limited time) provides bonus points each time it passes through the slidergate. However once you're out of good time the prize ball molecule degrades into an unstable penalty molecule. If you allow an unstable penalty molecule to pass through the slidergate, it explodes and costs you one of your chambers.

You can also opt for more demanding play in all three games, by choosing Intense Game from the Options menu. Intense Game makes playing Maxwell's Maniac harder, by introducing up to seven molecules at one time into the chamber. But to reward your efforts, it places an 18-screen limit on the game. It takes a lot of intensity to make it through all 18 screens. You can play Intense Game at either slow or fast speed.

Distributive size: 120K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Maxwell's Maniac

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