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Magus: In Search of Adventure

Magus: In Search of Adventure


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Adam Pedersen

Published by Software Creations

You are the daring adventurer Santa, in search of Christmas gifts! With your trusty jetpack strapped to your back, enter and explore levels full of treasures and peril. Your quest is to take all of the gifts in each level without getting killed.  When you collect all the gifts from a level, the portal to the next level will open. Collect treasure on the way to earn extra lives.


The jetpack model L1069-E is specially designed for human flight with great power, but unfortunately it consumes a large quantity of fuel. You must find fuel for your jetpack before you can fly around the dungeons. Press down while flying to maintain constant altitude. Some levels contain no fuel, so you must rely on ladders and be careful not to encounter any monsters on the ground.

There is also a Phase Shifter built in to your jetpack which tunnels through bricks. Some bricks are denser than others and require more time to break through. Grey stone is solid and cannot be phased. There are also other items that can be affected by the Phase Shifter. You'll have to experiment to discover what they are.


There are teleporters that transport you around the level, and barriers that block your progress. These barriers are deactivated by pressing buttons of the same color. Activate buttons and teleporters by pressing down while touching them. Monsters can turn the barriers on and off by moving over colored floor switches. There are moving platforms and ladders that can help or hinder you. Icy bricks make it hard to walk, and some bricks are covered with sludge, slowing your progress. Monster Stunners, Shields, and fuel appear randomly for a quick player to retrieve. The Stunners make the monsters harmless and paralyze them momentarily. Shields protect you from monsters, spikes, and all other hazards.

Jetpack contains a full-featured level editor so you can create and share thousands of customized levels. In the original Jetpack, you can play these levels in a full game from the main menu, just press F4 and select 'customized'. You can find lots of homemade levels to add to your collection on national Bulletin Board Systems, and the Software Creations BBS. You can test levels in the editor with

The level editor is one of the most exciting features in Jetpack. With it you can create thousands of your own levels to play and share with friends. Press [ENTER] for a layout of all 120 tiles available for level construction.  Use the arrow keys to choose a tile and then place it in the desired location with [SPACE]. The joystick can also be used. A quick way to pick a tile is to move the cursor on to one that is already on the level screen and press [INSERT] to pick it up. A shortcut key for putting down background tiles (erasing) is [DELETE]. This key is also used to erase monsters and other objects.

If you're having trouble getting started on a level, press [R] to randomly scatter your selected tile. This will give you a foundation around which to create a level. The Block function also helps in level construction. Block works like the Block option in most word processors. Press [B] to mark the starting point of the block, then move and press [B] again to mark the endpoint. The rectagonal area you have just selected is now saved in memory. You can press [P] to paste it down with the top-left at your current cursor location. Press [F] to fill the entire blocked area with your selected tile. Press [C] to clear the entire level.

There are eight types of monsters that you can use to make your levels more challenging. You can place up to 20 monsters in each level, by pressing [1] to [8] for the monster type. The monsters are listed at the bottom of this page.

Before testing yourlevel, you must set the starting location with [S] and the location of the door with [D]. Test your level by pressing [F2].

For the File Options menu, press [TAB].  From here you can choose to [S]ave your level, [L]oad a level, [D]elete a level from disk, or view a level with [ENTER]. Press [ESCAPE] to return to the editor.

** NOTE **

In this Christmas Jetpack Special, you have complete access to all of the editor functions, but you can only save one level. For information on how to create and collect thousands of homemade levels, see 'Ordering Information.'

If you need help recalling these commands, press [F1] for help.


This guy will track you down

Steel Ball Rolls around crushing everything in its path

Spring Bounces up and down

Missile The fastest enemy, flies in a set pattern

Spikes Bounces in a diagonal path of destruction

Flitzer Flitzes around randomly

Batbot Uses radar to hunt you down

Homer Travels through bricks straight toward you

Distributive size: 470K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Jetpack

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