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1. Game overview

2. Features

3. System Requirements

4. Menu and navigation

      4.1. Main Menu

      4.2. Options

5. How to play

      5.1. Game's objective and rules

      5.2. Level's anatomy :-)

           5.2.1. What does level consist of?

           5.2.2. Classification of the monsters

           5.2.3. Items that Fatman can use

           5.2.4. Bonuses

           5.2.5. Bonuses active time

      5.3. Panel overview

      5.4. Controls

6. Credits

1. Game overview.

   Fatman's Adventures combine elements of logical game with arcade to create a unique blend that game-lovers will surely appreciate. You are to travel through 50 different levels in five locations to gather all crystals, while trying to avoid evil Fang Monsters. Sounds quite simple but it's quite difficult. The game features convenient start-center and capability for adding new levels.


2. Features.

    Addictive gameplay
    50 detailed, mind-boggling, beautiful, exciting levels
    5 different locations
    superb graphics
    awesome character animation
    studio-level sound effects that draw you into playing longer and longer


3. System Requirements.

    Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
    Pentium 300MHz
    32MB RAM
    40 MB of free hard disk space
    DirectX 7.0 or higher
    DirectDraw compatible Video Card with 2MB memory
    DirectSound compatible Sound Card

    You can download the latest version of DirectX at



4. Menu and Navigation.

The menu is very simple and easy to understand and navigate.

   4.1 Main Menu.

       Start new game - start new game
       Load saved game - load previously saved game
       Highscores - Hall of Fame of the best players
       Options - change settings for better playing experience. More in Options (4.2)
       Help - help
       Exit - exit Fatman's Adventures (but you would not want to do that, would you?)


   4.2 Options.

       sound volume - adjust sound volume (keys left and right)
       music volume - adjust music volume (keys left and right)
       redefine key - reassign keys.
       back - return to main menu



5. How to play

   5.1 Game's objective and rules.

   Adventurous Fatman is the main character of this awesome game. The objective of the game is quite simple - gather all crystals in every level. After you gather the last crystal, you will automatically get access to the next level. You should remember to avoid encounters with Fang Monsters. While they may seem nice, personal contact proves otherwise. Effective methods of fighting the monsters are digging pits, setting traps (use cages for that) or just shooting them if you've got no other alternative. But there are also some hints and tricks that you should know about (see Bonuses). Fang Monsters are extremely aggressive and ill-mannered, thus meeting them does not do any good for Fatman. You can probably guess the outcome of such an encounter. :-) And if the monsters caught Fatman, or if he fell into water or just fell from high above not having much health, or if he fell into his own trap, well, that means one thing - subtract one life and start the level over. :-(


   5.2 Level's anatomy.

      5.2.1. What is level made of?

While playing Fatman's Adventure, you will find a lot of interesting items. Some you will find on every level, while others will be rarely found.
   Let's look at some basic elements
Soil, earth, ground, terrain, call it what you want. There are tree types of it:

Regular soil. Suitable for digging pit-traps to catch the monsters or digging tunnels, so that Fatman can get access to remote areas.

Rocky terrain. You surely won't be able to dig it - it's just too tough, and Fatman has only a shovel, not some piece of heavy machinery.

Frozen soil. It's not only unsuitable for digging, it slows Fatman down as well.

There is only one type of ladders and their main function is to save Fatman's butt, when he is running away from evil monsters.

Lianas are also very helpful. Tarzan must have been a remote relative of Fatman, because Fatman is quite good at it. (Attention!!!). BUT (that's a big one) while on a ladder or liana, Fatman can not use items. Naturally, it's not easy to hang on a liana and dig a pit. :-)

Just your good old water - it's same everywhere. As is the result of falling into it - quick death and start-over. So be careful.

Save-stone: this object allows you to save the game in its current state. You won't see it too often, so you should save your game every time you see one of these.

Bush - a perfect place to hide from the monsters.

Teleports. Transports Fatman to the area where teleport-receiver of the same color is located. They always come in pairs and can be green, blue or yellow. To activate teleportation process, you have to press down while standing on it.

Elevator. Some move vertically, others horizontally. Just stand on it and wait while it takes you where you need to be.

Artifacts. These are ancient treasures that were left behind by some unknown civilization. They are hidden in the ground and can be found either accidentally or with the help of special bonuses. (See Bonuses 5.2.4). Every artifact is worth 250 points. Every game level has 5 hidden artifacts. You will receive 5000 bonus points and extra life if you find all hidden artifacts.

Crystals. Fatman loves them and can't pass without picking one up. You get points for gathering crystals. Red one will bring you 10 points, green one - 20 points, and blue one - 50 points

Rising airstream. Fatman can jump on it and rise up, just like an air balloon. Cool.

Level exit. Level exit appears only after you gathered all crystals or if you found special bonus. Level exit allows you to pass to the next level. To activate level exit, you have to press down while standing on it.


      5.2.2 Classification of the monsters.

Fang Monsters: They are the most horrible and bloodthirsty creatures that live in our magical forest. Say bye-bye to Fatman, if they catch him. They will probably eat him raw, without ketchup or mayonnaise. Are you already afraid?

Blue monsters - stupid and lazy.

Green monsters - these are a bit smarter and more aggressive.

Red monsters - these are evil geniuses, fast and very dangerous. Watch out, Fatman!

      Nice creatures, aren't they? :-)



5.2.3 Items that Fatman can use.

   Just like any other hero, Fatman needs special items. That's quite obvious - it's not easy to fight bunch of hungry Fang Monsters with your bare hands.
And that is why our main character regularly picks up helpful items, which somebody has left on every level.

Gun (click "use gun" to shoot). The default hot key is 1

2. Cage is more effective than gun, because the monster does not reappear, but sits trapped. The default hot key is 2. As Fatman likes to say: "Less monsters, less problems." :-)
(Attention!!!) Don't get caught into your own trap.

3. Shovel. Perfect tool for digging horizontal tunnels to gain access to remote areas. Use it only for digging regular soil.

   Fatman can not carry over 3 units of the same item. Every unit can be used only once.



5.2.4 Bonuses.

   Bonuses allow Fatman to get special abilities for a period of time. Some bonuses have time limits, while others are instantaneous. (Please see Bonuses active time 5.2.5)

Invisibility. This bonus allows Fatman to become invisible for a period of time. Cool, dude, just like in the movies.

Fire Ball. This bonus allows Fatman to surround himself with fireballs that kill Fang Monsters when they touch them. Nice bonus, that's for sure. I think I already smell burnt flesh.

Rollerblades. This bonus allows Fatman to move much faster.

Freeze. All monsters freeze and become immobile for a period of time. Use this time to gather as many crystals as you can.

And these are instantaneous bonuses:

Binoculars. This item allows Fatman to see where additional Artifacts are hidden. You see these hidden places only for a few seconds, to you better remember, where these artifacts are hidden.

Lightning. Certain death to all monsters. They deserve it.

Key. This bonus gives you access to the next level, even if you did not gather all the crystals. But you aren't that lazy, are you?

First aid kit. If Fatman does not feel too good (the heart in the left corner is not completely red), first aid kit will add health points.

Heart - extra life. More lives, more chances to complete Fatman's exciting adventures.



5.2.5 Bonuses active time.

As it was stated before, some bonuses have time limits. When you get one or more bonuses, you will see an icon appear in the left corner of the screen. This icon shows bonus(es) that you just got. As active time runs out, you will see the icon starting to fade out from the top to the bottom. When the time comes close to running out, the icon will become completely colorless and will start blinking and making sounds.


   5.3 Information panels and their location is shown on the picture.

1. Level panel - shows current level.
2. Point panel - shows how many points you've got.
3. Life panel - shows the total number of lives and current health condition. Heart that is completely red indicates that Fatman is in full health. If the heart is only partially red, it means that Fatman needs to get First Aid kit.

4. Item bar - this panel shows the quantity of each of three items (gun, cage, shovel).
If you don't have certain item, it will be shown as grey.
If you do have certain item - in will be shown in full color.
Active item (the one that is in Fatman's hands) will glow with white color.


   5.4 Controls.

This section provides the description of the default controls. If you want to use other keys, you can reassign controls by using Options\Redefine keys menu item.

You can open Quick Help during the game by F1 key

These keys control Fatman's movements on every level.
<UpArrow> - Up
<DownArrow> - Down
<Righn Arrow> - Right
<LeftArrow> - Left
You can create pit-trap with this command.
<Space> - Dig the pit-trap.
These keys let you select the item that you would like to use.

<X> - Select next item. Puts one of the items (gun, cage or shovel) into Fatman's hands.

<Z> - Use selected item. Allows Fatman to use the item that is currently in his hands.

These hotkeys allow you to use one of the three items instatntly.
( without pressing <X> and <Z>):

<1> - Use Gun
<2> - Use Cage
<3> - Use Shovel

If your active item is gun, then pressing <3> will let you use shovel instantly. Thus, there is no need to first switch active item (make shovel an active item) in order to use it.

To jump off the liana in a certain place you the down arrow button. Use the same button to save the game at a save stone or to use teleport.

You can adjust music and FX volume during the game.
F4 button - Change the sound track
F5 button - Turn the sound down
F6 button - Turn the sound up
F7 button - Turn the music down
F8 button - Turn the music up



6. Credits.

Programming: Andrew Onofreytchuk
Max Regeda
Music: Sergey Nechaeff
Sound FX: Konstantin Elgazin
Graphics & animation: Yuri Zhuravel
Level designer: Basser

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