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Game Digger 2000

The game Digger 2000




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Game review
Just new DIGGER for new Millennium! 
If you have played DOS Digger and remember those bubbling, if you are eager to resume this excitement under your new Windows - this game is your choice.
Multiplayer mode includes Local, Cooperative and Digger Arena modes, that adds more adrenaline to gameplay.

Game Digger 2000 Game Digger 2000

Another good feature is ability to play multiplayer modes on one computer. Large scrollable levels and bonus objects bring extra interest to Digger2000. Play it and experience deep immersion effect by so simple intrigue! 
Definitely worth a try!

The game Digger 2000 Game Digger 2000


  • hi-res graphics Digger 2K for Windows 9X/2K

  • 55 Local, 33 Cooperative and 9 Arena levels 

  • bonus features and large scrolled levels

  • play with friend on one computer or in the LAN


CPU 333 Mhz, 32Mb RAM, DirectX7.0

Download Digger 2000 free

Get Full version ($7.99)

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