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Game Diamonds

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Free download game Diamonds

This is a game Diamonds.

The object of Diamonds is to clear all of the Color bricks and Diamond bricks from each level. Bricks are cleared by steering the ball to collide with them. However, bricks are only removed when the color of the ball matches the color of the brick. You can not remove any of the Diamond bricks until all of the Color bricks are removed. When all Color bricks and Diamond bricks have been cleared, you advance to the next level.

The ball moves continuously up and down the screen. When starting a level, the ball starts in the lower right corner of the screen. You can control the horizontal movement of the ball using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Pressing the left arrow moves the ball to the left. Pressing the right arrow moves the ball to the right. If neither the left nor right arrow is pressed, the ball moves straight up and down.

When you start each level, the ball is colored light blue. You can change the color of the ball by steering it into a brush. Doing so will change the color of the ball to match that of the brush. Note that there are no light blue brushes, so you must clear all the light blue bricks before changing the ball's color.

Clear all of the Color bricks first, starting with the light blue bricks.
Avoid the skull brick at all costs.
Hitting a reverser brick causes your movements to be reversed.
To clear a lock, you must first collect a key.
Run into a key brick to collect it. You can then clear a lock brick.
After clearing all the Color bricks, clear the Diamond bricks.

Diamonds uses only two movement keys, the left arrow and right arrow. Pressing the left arrow moves the ball to the left. Pressing the right arrow moves the ball the right. Easy, huh?

A Level Set in Diamonds is simply a collection of levels. Diamonds comes with 70 built in levels. These levels are referred to as the Diamonds Level Set . You can select other Level Sets to play, and even create your own. High scores are kept independently for each level set. Saved games can only be used for the Level Set in which they were saved.

A Level in Diamonds is really just a screen to be solved. Multiple levels make up a Level Set. Diamonds comes with 70 built in levels, and you can create your own. Levels are numbered from 1 up to the number of levels in the Level Set. Each level also has a name. You can refer to a level by name or number.

You can create custom Level Sets using the built in Level Set Editor. Sharing your own Level Sets is as easy as giving someone a single Level Set file.

Distributive size: 220K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Diamonds

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