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Game Cubis Gold

Game Cubis Gold. download the game Cubis Gold free

Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington

Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington


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Free Download game Cubis Gold (3.4M)     Get Full version ($19.95)

CUBIS™ Gold is a simple, highly charged arcade/puzzle game that goes beyond 2D point-and-click games. CUBIS™ Gold's unique 3D board engages the player with colorful cubes that must be removed against the clock by matching three or more in a row, vertically or horizontally, not diagonally. Score BIG with a chain that sets off another chain and you have a CUBIS!

Play leisurely or strategically -- either way CUBIS™ Gold is addictive fun!

Object of the Game: Remove the target number of "Cubes to Go" from each level before time runs out! Remove cubes by firing cubes on the board to make chains - three or more like-colored cubes in rows and/or columns. Obtain bonus points by removing special Star cubes, stacking cubes, getting a Cubis, and completing each level as quickly as possible! Only the best players will make the high-score list!


  • 200 exciting levels
  • 2 gameplay modes - Arcade and Puzzle
  • 6 unique cube effects
  • 3 stunning graphical themes 
  • Create your own levels using the simple point-and-click Level Editor 
  • Create and include your own graphical themes 
  • High-Score tracking 
  • Download bonus games and themes 
  • Cool music and sound effects 
  • Much more... 
  • How to Play: Quickstart

The quickest way to learn how to play is to try the short, interactive tutorial found within the game. To run the tutorial, launch the game and press the "Learn How to Play" button near the bottom, middle of the screen and follow the instructions!

For technical support issues please visit technical support page in this help file for further assistance.

Game Types: Arcade and Puzzle

This program contains two game types to accommodate different styles of gameplay. Select a type in the Game Menu:

Arcade Type: The objective is to remove X cubes of any type in each level before time runs out. Leaving star cubes on the board will incur an extra point penalty.

Puzzle Type: The objective is to remove all Star cubes in each level before time runs out. The total number of cubes that you remove only matters in that it gains you extra points.

Game Rules

Cubes can be fired on the board only from the nearest left or right side. 
Cubes will stack only three high on the board. 
Cubes never fall off of the board. 
Cubes fired on the board interact with cubes on the board as described in the Cube Reference section. 
The three cubes at the lower left side of the gameplay area indicate the next three cubes in the "queue" to be fired on the board. The queue order is determined from right to left (in other words, the rightmost cube in the queue will be the next cube to be fired). 
Each game in the main distribution has 50 unique levels. Gameplay progresses in order from level 1 to 50 until the player does not complete a level objective. 
Should the player complete levels 1-50, the game "loops" to play levels 1-50 with 15% less time in each level for that iteration. Should the player complete that iteration, the game loops to play levels 1-50 with another 15% less time in each level for that iteration. Iteration through levels, with time reductions, continues in this manner until the player fails to complete a level objective. 
The game is over when the player fails to complete the level objective OR when no more cubes can be fired on the board.

To play a New Game:

1) Press the Game Menu button in the left control panel.
2) Select a Game Type (Arcade or Puzzle).
3) Select a Game from the list.
4) Press the PLAY! button.

The information below details basic gameplay concepts.

Pushing Cubes

If a movable target cube has a grid space behind it, firing a Normal cube pushes the movable target cube back one space on the grid, taking the target cube's original position. If the target cube does not have a space behind it, the normal cube will simply come to rest in front of the target cube.

Making Chains

To remove cubes from the board, the player must fire cubes on the board to make chains - 3 or more like-colored cubes in rows and/or columns. Diagonals do not count!

Getting a Cubis

A Cubis is a chain reaction that occurs when one fired cube removes 2 or more chains from the board. For example, the first chain may allow two like-colored cubes next to each other to fall next to a third, causing the first chain reaction. This could make another cube fall next between two other cubes of the same color to achieve another chain reaction (see example at right).

Striving to make a Cubis can reap point rewards: 1) The player will receive bonus points for the Cubis and 2) will likely clear the board faster, resulting in increased time bonus points.

Saving and Loading Games

Saving a Game

In the Level Scoring summary between levels of an active game, the player has the option of saving the current game. Saving a game allows the player to come back to the game at a later time. 

Level Practice

The game allows the player to practice levels within a game. While playing in Practice mode, the program will display "Practice" at the lower right of the gameplay area. Practice mode scores are not saved, and the player must select each level individually for practice. The procedure to Practice a Level is very similar to playing a New Game. 

To practice a level:

1) Press the Game Menu button in the left control panel.
2) Select a Game Type (Arcade or Puzzle).
3) Select a Game from the list.
4) Press the Practice button.
5) Using the scroll buttons if necessary, find a level in the "Select a Level to Practice" list that you wish to practice.
6) Single-click on the level to start the practice.
7) After the level is complete, you will see your Level Score briefly and then be returned to the "Select a Level to Practice" list to choose another level.

Minimum Requirements:

- Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP operating system
- Pentium 200 MHz or compatible processor
- 32 MB of RAM
- 10 MB of free hard drive space
- SVGA card configured to 800 x 600 pixels and High-Color (16 bit color)
- Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card
- 800x600 SVGA High Color display
- mouse
- DirectX 6.0
- Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (for the Downloads area functionality)
- A standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc.) to view Help files

Download Cubis Gold free (3.4M)

Get Full version ($19.95)

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