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Game Charm Rocks

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Flux Family Secrets - The Rabbit Hole

Flux Family Secrets - The Rabbit Hole


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Game Charm Rocks

The game field in "Charm Rocks" consists of squares. Each square is occupied by a stone plate, closing an entrance to the underground shadow kingdom.

At the beginning of the game there are charm rocks laying on the plates in the side rows of the game field. The charm rocks have great magic power. The Good Force needs them to struggle against the Evil, and the Underground King seeks them to get the weapon to struggle against the Good Force. You are fighting at the side of the Good Force in this game.

If you take away any of the stone plates, the hole to the underground kingdom opens. You will see the imps coming out of this hole.

The imps' task is to steal the charm rocks from your game field.

You have the magic bow to struggle against these imps. If you hit an imp with your arrow, it loses its evil power turning to a flying angel.

Playing the game you have an opportunity to close any of the holes to the underground. You only need to turn to the angels all the imps originated from this particular hole. You may win the game by closing all the entrances to the underground kingdom. And you have to save as many as possible of charm rocks.

But you should be careful. If your magic arrow hits the imp's shadow, it leaves its host and continues hunting for the charm rocks independently. You can not kill the shadow. You may eliminate it only by transforming its host to an angel. The shadow without a host tries to fulfil the host's task.

If your arrow hits one of the empty stone plate, a new hole to the underground opens. And you will see a new army of imps appearing from this hole.

Try not to hit to the hole which is already opened. Such hit leads to increasing of the frequency of the appearing of the imps from this hole.

The imps do not know where the charm rocks are located. They are moving here and there around the game field by chance. When the imp finds the rock, it takes this rock and runs directly to its hole of origin. If the imp successfully reaches its hole, it takes the rock with it to the underground. If you hit the imp with your arrow and turn it to the flying angel, it drops the charm rock at the place of hit. Be careful not to hit the imp over the opened hole. You will lose your charm rock. If you hit the imp with a shadow walking separately, the shadow turns to an angel as well. And if it carries a rock when you hit the imp, it drops it where it is.

The game lasts till you have at least one charm rock at your game field.

You have the opportunity to increase the number of the charm rocks at your game field. You need just to make any imp to drop the rock on the plate with another rock laying on it. If one charm rock strikes another, they multiply to the neighbour plates.

You will lose the game if the imps steal all the charm rocks from the game field. You will win if you close all the holes to the underground.

File size: 535.236 bites (zip), Windows-95,98,ME,2000,NT,XP.

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