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Game Bud Redhead

the time chase

Game Bud Redhead. download the game Bud Redhead free

Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington

Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington


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Free Download game Bud Redhead (6.94M)    Get Full version ($19.95)

2D side-scrolling jump'n'run platform game suitable for all ages

One day Bud and Rachel were walking in a park when suddenly some strange green-furred creature jumped out of a bright flash of light. The creature grabbed Rachel and ran into the light which then disappeared.

Bud is desperate! Only YOU can help him to rescue Rachel!

Take a journey with Bud through space and time in pursuit of Feyatta, a well known green-furred intergalactic abductor. Your quest will lead you to 4 different places in space-time continuum: from the forest more than 8000 years ago, over Ancient Egypt and Medieval Castles, to a Space Ship orbiting Saturn a couple of million years in the future!

Game Bud Redhead. download the game Bud Redhead free Game Bud Redhead. download the game Bud Redhead free Game Bud Redhead. download the game Bud Redhead free Game Bud Redhead. download the game Bud Redhead free Game Bud Redhead. download the game Bud Redhead free

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  • Windows95/98/me/NT4/2000/XP
  • 300MHz or faster processor
  • DirectX 3 or higher (for sound and graphics)
In the unregistered version you can play only the first 3 levels. However, if you wait long enough at the main menu without pressing any key or moving the mouse the game will go into a demonstration mode. There are 4 one-minute demos (one for each world) so if you are patient enough you can have a peek at what you will get if you register.

Registered version features:

  • 4 different worlds: Forest, Egypt, Castle, Space Ship
  • 20 huge levels for exploring (5 levels in each world)
  • total game area of more than 1200 screens in 800x600 resolution (average of more than 60 screens per level!)
  • fun Big Boss level in shoot'em up style at the end
  • dozens of various enemies
  • thousands of gold coins, jewels and fruits to collect
  • moving platforms, doors, levers, ropes, ladders and slippery surfaces
  • many secret areas in each level
  • beautiful hand-drawn high resolution graphics
  • up to 3 background paralax planes
  • interesting story between worlds with unexpected ending
  • ambient music tracks
  • automatic saving of the game status after each completed level
  • manual saving of the game status at checkpoints within levels
  • 800x600 and 640x480 in fullscreen or windowed mode1
  • joystick/gamepad support2
  • localizations to 8 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Danish and Croatian

Registering (buying) is very simple - no additional downloads are necessary! Immediately after your payment is processed you will get your personal registration key (license code) which will unlock the game and instantly turn it into a full version.

Download Bud Redhead free (6.94M)

Get Full version ($19.95)

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