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Game Breakfree

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Brick Breaker Marathon for iPad  


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BREAKFREE by Software Storm

Instructions for Play:


The object of the game is to break free from each level by destroying all the breakable walls with your fireballs. You have a limited number of fireballs with which to break out of all the levels in the game. When you lose the last fireball, the game is over.



There are many different types of walls in the game, but they fall into four general categories:

- unbreakable walls.The ball will bounce off these.
- breakable walls.The fireball destroys these.
- power drain walls.These walls consume the fireball.
Usually, power drain walls are behind you.
- special effect walls.

Special Effect Walls:

Some walls have special properties or exhibit special behavior during play. Usually, these walls are marked, but not always.Some walls require multiple hits to be destroyed.


Some walls release objects when they are destroyed.Some objects are good - try to catch them.Other objects are bad and should be avoided.You will have to learn which are which as you play.

Objects also fall into several categories:

- bonus objects.You receive a bonus if you catch these.
- penalty objects.You are penalized if you catch these.
- gun (and ammo).You will be able to shoot if you catch
this.If you catch a second gun, it adds to your ammo count.
- different types of balls.These have interesting effects
in the game that you will have to learn by trying them out.


Starting a new game:

To start a new game, choose "NEW GAME" from the Main Menu.You will be prompted to select from one of three difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, and Hard.Below are some of the items which vary depending on the setting:

- number of fireballs you start with
- ball speed
- number of bullets you receive with a gun


Launch your fireballs by pressing the space key.Your fireballs and other objects will bounce off the walls in front of you, and return towards you.You need to keep your fireballs in play by bouncing them off an invisible paddle directly in front of you.You must constantly predict where each fireball will return, and move yourself to intercept it.


During game play, you can move forward, backward, and from side to side. Moving forward and back is especially important for controlling where the fireballs will bounce, and thus how long it takes to break free from a level.You can move with either the arrow keys or the mouse.

Key Summary:

Arrow keys = move up/back/left/right
+/- keys = resize the main viewscreen
Space= launch more fireballs
S= toggle Sound on/off
W= Warp to a level
Ctrl = fire gun (only if you have a gun)
Esc= show the Main Menu
F1 = show these help screens

Colors in the radar indicate different items:

dark red= unbreakable walls
light red = breakable walls
dark grey = power drain walls
yellow= fireballs in play
green = you

Watch the radar to keep track of the fireball when it goes out of view on the main viewscreen!


On some levels, guns and ammo can be found.In order to get a gun you must capture it (similar to the other bonus objects).Once you have a gun, use the Ctrl key to shoot.Be careful, because your first inclination is to use the space bar, which will launch fireballs instead.

Use your ammunition wisely.It can be carried over from level to level, and you can save it for hard-to-get walls.


You get points for every wall that you destroy.The number of points per wall increases with higher levels. Therefore, you can warp past some of the beginning levels and still get a high score.

When you complete a level, you get a bonus for the balls that are still in play, and for any time remaining on the timer.


Every level has a name.When you get to each level, write down the level's name.Using the name, you can warp to that level any time you want.

Often you will want to start a new game (to establish the difficulty setting), then warp directly to a level to keep playing where you left off.

Distributive size: 510K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Breakfree

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