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Game 3D Blocks

The game 3D Blocks. To download the game 3D Blocks press download button.

A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets

A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets


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Free Download game 3D Blocks (800kB)      Get Full version ($15)

It is the game 3D Blocks.

The purpose of the game

The purpose of the game- to rich maximum score. For this purpose you must, controlling dip, turn or moving movements of blocks, to fill layers or levels without blanks. The blocks of one color or filled layers disappear, the located above blocks or layers move downwards, filling void, so you can correct the errors and simply failures, if will plan the filling strategically. Or simply play by the hint.

Rules of scoring

The points are totalled for deleting of the same colour blocks. If simultaneously disappears:

- Three blocks 3 points
- Four - six blocks 2 points for the block
- More than six blocks 3 points for the block

If the game envisions disappearance of rows - as Pentics, for example, the points are totaled under the following scheme:

1row - 5 points
2 row - 20 points
3 row - 35 points
4 row - 50 points
5 row - 65 points

Also add one point for each speed level. If the "well" is cleared entirely, points are doubled.

Beginning of the game

Push the button Go in an approval plate in the beginning of the new game.


Push the button Pause in the menu of the game or hit the key "Pause". To resume hit the key "Pause" again.
Boss Is Coming!
The hitting of the key Esc not only establishes a pause, but also minimizes the game on the task bar.

Game 3D Blocks

Default Control Keys:

Left Arrow Move Blocks

Left Right Arrow Move Blocks Right

Up Arrow Rotate Blocks / Shift Blocks Colors / Move Blocks

Forward Down Arrow Drop Blocks / Move Blocks Backward

Space Drop Blocks

Shift+Left Arrow Move Blocks

Left Shift+Right Arrow Move Blocks Right

Shift+Up Arrow Move Blocks Forward

Shift+Down Arrow Move Blocks Backward

Ctrl+Left Arrow Rotate Blocks CW Around the Y-axis

Ctrl+Right Arrow Rotate Blocks CCW Around the Y-axis

Ctrl+Up Arrow Rotate Blocks CW Around the X-axis

Ctrl+Down Arrow Rotate Blocks CCW Around the X-axis

Del Rotate Scene Left

End Rotate Scene Right

PgUp Rotate Scene Down

PgDown Rotate Scene Up

Gray - Zoom In Gray + Zoom Out

Pause Pause

Esc Pause and minimize the game window 

You can change keys for any game in the menu "Options" 

Download 3D Blocks free (800kB)

Get Full version ($15)

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