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Game Big Bug

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Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition

Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition


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In Big Bug you play the role of this small black ant. It is your job to collect several magical yellow seeds that were taken from your anthill and buried deep in the ground.

Use the arrow keys to move. When you move through the ground you automalically dig through it in the ground there are beetles, big red ants and worms, all who want to stop you from gelling your seeds. If one hits you. you lose a life, and if you run out of lives your game is over. You deal with these nasty bugs by shooting ant eggs at them
with the space bar. Beetles take 2 hits to, kill worms lake 3 hits and it lakes. A hits to kill the big red ants Hit Ctrl+P to Pause (This opens the "About Big Bug" screen).

Once you've collected all the magical yellow seeds you can continue to the next level by exiling to the left. The first five levels are unique, but the next eleven levels are randomized and the enemies get faster and faster. You win after you've completed all sixteen levels.

For every seed you collect you get 1 point and you also gel points for wounding or killing the beetles, red ants and worms. For every 20 points you gel an extra life, but if you already have the maximum of 5 lives you get to keep the points.

Hit F8 to open or hide the game's menu. From this menu you can turn off sound or music, start a new game - (F2), end your current game - (ESC). return to the title screen, or quit - (AIt+F4) You can only view these instructions from the title screen.

Distributive size: 750K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Big Bug

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