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Game Balls Breacker

The game Balls Breacker. To download the game Balls Breacker press download button.

Brick Breaker Marathon for iPad  


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The purpose of the game

The purpose of the game - to clear all levels, see all secrets and get all bonuses. For this purpose you must, controlling the bat, steer the ball to clear landscape or scene of the game from all objects, obstacles and landmarks. When all would cleared you can move to next level.

Rules of scoring

The points are totalled for clearing different kinds of objects. This include:

Standart "brick" - 5 points
Strong "brick" - can be cleared with 3 blows - 10 points
Extra strong "brick" - can be cleared only from behind - 20 points
Invulnerable "brick" - can't be cleared with plain ball, only with enhanced or with shooting - 50 points
Disappearing "Brick" - can't be cleared, but disappeares on 10 seconds after 3 blows

In the game you meet also moving objects, replicating objects, arising from thin air objects and the like. Have fun!

Bonuses and handicaps

You can catch with ball falling from above bonuses. This are:

Wall behind the bat

Enlargement for the bat

Diminution for the bat

Triplication of the ball - on the sides

Triplication of the ball - one after another

Magnetisation of the bat -- ball stick to the bat on some time

Superball - can clear all kinds of objects

Decreasing speed of the ball on 50%

Increasing speed of the ball on 50%

Plus 3 lives

Plus 3 charges

Beginning of the game

Push the button Start in the beginning of the new game.


Push the button Pause in the menu of the game or hit the key "Pause". To resume hit the key "Pause" again.

Free download game Balls Breacker

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