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Game AxySnake

The game AxySnake, free download AxySnake

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Flux Family Secrets - The Rabbit Hole


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Free Download game AxySnake (4.4M)      Get Full version ($14.95)


    AxySnake is a 3D action game based on the famous Snake game. By giving the classic Snake a new dimension, we have given it a new life. 3D graphic effects specifically designed for modern video accelerators are strengthened by 3D sound! Many wonderful music tracks are included in the game. Frightening monsters and a variety of bonuses all made in full 3D bring the old game to an entirely new level. The complete AxySnake distribution package includes 6 types of games. All of the games are in amazing 3D presentation. Overall, there are 80 different levels in the game! AxySnake is a very addictive, colorful, realistic, and fun game! 


  • 3D Graphics card 
  • DirectX 7.0 or higher 
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP 
  • Processor 200 MHz or higher (>300 MHz - recommended) 
  • 32 MB RAM 
  • 15 MB free disk space
  • Sound card - optional


3.1 Game Rules

    Each game consists of several levels. To pass a level it is necessary to feed the snake and make it grow to a certain length. When the snake reaches the required length, your friend will bring you a key to the next level. The snake must eat this key so that the door to the following level will open! Avoid eating the stones. They are bad for the snake's health. Avoid dark parts of the woods, where dangerous monsters lurk. Be attentive. At various levels there are dangerous insects. By collecting prizes, you can increase your lives, your score and your time.

Fruits: eat it!
Stones: don't eat it!
Key to the next level
Life bonus: add 1 life
Score bonus: add 3000 points
Time bonus: reset the level time
Insects: avoid contacts with them!
Dragonfly: fruit killer

Eating any fruit +100 +2
Getting the key +500  
End of a level +500  
Score bonus +3000  
Game completion +4000 +(stayed life)*2000  
Life bonus + 1 life  
Time bonus Reset the level time  
Eating  a stone -120 -2
Colliding a wall or a stump -75 -1
Collision in the wood -150 -2
Sting of an insect -75 -1
Loss of life -500  

Please note: The above values are valid for default speed settings. As you increase the speed, value of all bonuses correspondingly rises.

3.2 Keyboard Controls:

Menu controls:
Up Arrow, Down Arrow Move selection 
Enter or Space Select and adjust an option 
Escape or Backspace Return to a previous menu 
Left Arrow, Right Arrow Change parameter (e.g. sound or music volume)
Default game controls:
Up Arrow Move forward (acceleration)
Down Arrow Move backward
Left Arrow Turn to the left
Right Arrow Turn to the right
F2 Save game 
F3 Load game
Escape Abort/Save/Load game
Pause or P Pause game

3.3 Custom controls & Joystick

   If you want to use a Joystick  enable "Use Joystick" flag in  Engine Options dialog.

   Use the game options ("Controls"  item in the "Options" menu)  to assign a custom keyboard shortcut, joystick button or axis to each action. Simply press the button you want to assign or move the joystick handle on each required action. 

3.4 Engine Options

   Push the "SETUP" button in start dialog to change engine options:

"OK" button - Save changes and exit.
"Cancel" button - Exit without saving.
"Reset to default" button - Reset all parameters to default values. In most cases it is the best choice.

"NEXT DEVICE" button - Select 3D display rendering device. You can select a video adapter, in case your system contains more than one adapter, and a hardware acceleration or program emulation mode.

"Video Mode" - Set display resolution in the game. Select lower value to increase the performance or higher value to increase picture quality.

"High quality objects" - Unmark this checkbox to increase the game performance  (it is recommended for processors lower then 300 MHz or if the program works in software emulation mode).

"High quality textures" - Unmark this checkbox to slightly increase the game speed on low-performance graphic accelerators or when running in software emulation mode.

"Use mip-mapping" - This option increases picture quality, with a minor loss of graphics performance.

"Wait for vertical blank" - Synchronizes the rendering with the vertical blank status (VSYNC). On most computers enabling this flag significantly increases picture quality. However, in case of a low-performance graphic accelerator, disabling this flag can give better picture quality for some resolutions. 

"Sound enable" - Unmark this checkbox if you don't need sound and music. This will slightly increase  the game performance.

"Use Joystick" - Enables joystick support. This checkbox should not be marked if you do not use a joystick.

"Joystick Sensitivity" - Select the sensitivity of the joystick axes. Experiment with it, and choose the most suitable variant for your system.


4.1 Registration Overview

    AxySnake is distributed on a shareware basis. You can register your copy of AxySnake at a cost of $14.95 (US). On payment approval, we will send you the registration key that will remove all the limitations. Your registration will be valid for all future versions of AxySnake. The registration fee will license AxySnake for use on one computer in your home, and on one computer at your workplace. If you wish to use AxySnake on several computers, you should purchase several single licenses.

4.2 Order Online ($14.95)

    You can purchase AxySnake via the World Wide Web. This is the fastest and easiest way. All registrations use SECURE protocols. It is impossible for a third party to intercept your credit card information. Important: when you are filling in the order form, please check twice that your e-mail address is correct! If your e-mail address is entered incorrectly, we will be unable to send you the registration key. We do not give your personal information or email address to anyone; it is for our own use only.

Download AxySnake free (4.4M)

Get Full version ($14.95)

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