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Game Arcanoid 4000

The game Arcanoid 4000


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  1. About the Game.

  2. Game Characters.

  3. Game Menu.

  4. Game bonuses.

About the Game:

Arkanoid 4000 is a classic game concept placed in the absolutely new gaming environment. The game takes place inside a moving frame. A player controls the pad and can pick up various bonuses to influence the gameplay.
The game is split into episodes comprising several levels each.

Game Characters:

  • Blocks - Main characters of the game. They live in settlements and build levels.

  • Interactive Frame - Environment in which all game characters live.

  • Animal - It lives on the frame and hunts the balls, but sometimes gets enraged and starts eating the blocks.

  • Balls - Main characters of the game. They smash the blocks.

  • Pad - It moves along the bottom edge of the frame and bounces the ball.

Game Arcanoid 4000

Game Menu:

  • New Game- Select an episode and start a new game.

  • Options - Customize numerous settings including the screen resolution, sound volume and game type.

  • Credits - Arkanoid 4000 Developers:

Volkov Artmem,
Volkov Sergey,
Elyseev Andrey.

Game bonuses:

All bonuses appear from the smashed blocks.

  • Flame Thrower - When you catch this bonus, the pad starts glowing. Press the spacebar to throw the flame that burns some of the blocks.

  • Enlarge Pad - This bonus increases the pad width.

  • Shrink Pad - This bonus decreases the pad width.

  • Extra Ball - Gives an extra ball.

  • Triple Ball - Splits each active ball into three.

  • Speed Up - Increases the ball speed (the new speed is indicated in the speedometer).

  • Slow Down - Decreases the ball speed (the new speed is indicated in the speedometer).

  • Fire Ball - The ball gets on fire and burns all blocks in its way.

  • Blue Animal - The animal starts eating all blocks in its way.


  • Three game types

  • Nice HiColor Graphics

  • Excellent dynamic effects

  • Non violent game for all ages

  • Variety pictures


  • Pentium-600 / 64M RAM / 3M Video 3D

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