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Game Superstar Chefs

Game Superstar Chefs download free version

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About game Superstar Chefs

Superstar Chefs is a platform game similar to Mario Brothers or Bubble Bobble. The goal is to grab all the fruit, while avoiding the comical baddies. Features include hand-drawn graphics, 2 player simultaneous action, and an original digital soundtrack.

Superstar Chefs is shareware and available in 2 flavours, a 30 minutes free trial version and a full version! You can easily upgrade from the trial version to the full version from whitin the game or get full version here

System Requirements

5 MB free hard disk space
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP
DirectX 3 or above
Runs perfectly smooth even on a 133mhz processor

The Plot

Oh no! Someone has stolen the secret recipes and spread them all over Cocktail land. You must help the superstar chefs to get them back or they will get in big trouble!

Goal Of Every Level

On every level there is a golden key, in order to get it you must collect all the fruits on the screen. When the key comes falling down from the sky you can pick it up and it will take you to the next level.

Game Modes

1 Player Game

In this mode the player should go for a hiscore and try to collect as many keys & recipes as possible. If a second player joins a 1 player game it will turn into a 2 player team game.

2 Player Team

Same as 1 player game but the players help each other to collect recipes and keys. Players still have individual scores.

2 Player VS

A 2 player head to head mode where the best of 7 levels wins. You win a level by getting the better score. The score is reset every level. In this mode you can never get game over, if one player loses all his lives he will get an extra one but with a -500 points penalty.

Start Level

When you start a new game you may chose from which level you want to begin your quest. It's possible to complete the game from whatever starting level you pick, but to get the best scores and be able to collect all keys & recipes you will have to start from the first level.

Protect Yourself

There are 2 ways for the chefs to protect themselfs, either to stomp on the baddies or by picking up the Superpill. Superpills will give the chefs superpowers for a short while. When you have superpowers all the baddies will turn blue. During this time you only have to tought them to get rid of them! As long as the chefs got superpowers no baddie can hurt them and it only takes one hit to get a baddie out.

Hint: Some baddies can't be taken out by stomping on them. You need the superspill to get rid of them!


Fruits - The more fruits you collect in one jump, the higher the score they give! Hint: if you collect more than 10 in one jump, a surprise will happen!
Last fruit on screen - 250 points
Gems - 25 points
Coins - 25 / 50 points
Balloons - 250 / 500 points
Recipe found - 500 points (1500 points if you play on hard difficulty)
Stomp on a baddie - 10 points


If you get a good enough score you will be able to enter your name for the hiscore table. The hiscore table displays your name, score and how many keys & recipes you collected. Can you reach the number one spot?

Game Difficulty

In the options menu you will find the difficulty setting. Choosing Easy will give the chefs 2 safety hearts each which means a chef can take 2 hits whitout losing a life. In Medium difficulty the chefs get 1 safety heart and in Hard no safety hearts at all.

Easy - 2 safety hearts, extra lives appears often
Medium - 1 safety heart, extra lives appears now and then
Hard - no safety heart, extra lives appears more seldom, no superpills

Special Items

Superstar Chefs contains many special items:

Super Pill - Gives the chefs super powers for a while
Spring - Helps player jump higher and reach new areas
Stomper - Will squeze the player if not careful
Mud - Breaks away part by part as long as player stand on it, until nothing is left to stand on!
Cannon - Fires cannonballs to stop the player
Surprise Egg - Contains bonuses or other surprises
Spikes - Avoid
Button - Jump on it to get bonuses
Lift - Gives the player a free ride
Water - Avoid or you will lose a life
Conveyor - Forces player to go in a certain direction
Elevator - Transport the player to another part of the screen
Extra Life - A blue icon with a chef on that gives an extra life
Balloons - Appears randomly. Pop them for lots of bonus points

Special Codes

Type these codes on the keyboard while you are playing:

GIVE - Player with most lives gives a life to player with least lives
LEVEL - A number will appear in the top left corner of the screen, telling you what level you are playing


Superstar Chefs is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. ArcadeLab can not be held responsible for any damage whatsoever, direct or indirect, caused by the software.


  • 64 levels, all with their own look
  • Addictive 2 player modes
  • Combos and many different ways to score, keeps a good replay value
  • Possibilty to start from different locations, so don't worry about getting tired / stuck
  • Unique super smooth animation technology never seen before
  • A cool mix of modern / retro style music & soundfx
  • And much more...

Download Superstar Chefs free (1.8M)

Get Full version ($19.95)

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