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Game Arcus Odyssey

Game Arcus Odyssey free download game Arcus Odyssey

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Game Arcus Odyssey (Wolfteam)

A long time ago, a sorceress named Castomira lived in a place called Arcus, and she plotted a sheme to destroy the whole world... The sorceress planned to use her dark magic to remake the world according to her own design... She conquered many lands, and the lives of innocent people everywhere...
Many brave warriors died trying to stop her, but only one person had the courage and strenght to confront the sourceress... A good princess called "Leaty" rose up to stop the wicked Castomira. Leaty commanded the magical powers of light and she brought these forcess to bear to Castomira. Leaty and Castomira clashed in the most powerful battle ever recorded in ancient history.
The shock waves from the battle utterly destroyed the lands around them... After days of fighting, leaty was victorious, and Castomira was confined to the Dark world. In order to seal Castomira's fate, Leaty forged a magical sword that would bind Castomira forever. This sword came to be called "The power of Leaty". This sword has been quarded for centuries by the kings of Arcus, and has been the symbol of peace for the people. Now that peace is theatened again, as the Power of Leaty has been stolen by the followers of the wicked Sorceress, Castomira grow stronger...

For fullscreen game press ESC button.

Distributive size: 1.3M Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Arcus Odyssey

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