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Game AirStrike 3D: Operation W.A.T.

The game AirStrike 3D:Operation W.A.T. download free version

The Dark Hills of Cherai


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    It’s 3 A.M. when you hear your telephone ringing. The intelligence sources just got a terrifying report about plans for the upcoming terrorist attacks masterminded by a powerful underground terrorist network N.I.T.O., that keeps in fear peaceful citizens for over three years already.

    After a forty-minute drive, you enter the headquarters of the Air Force. The commander gets right to the point:

- We’ve got the intelligence report that N.I.T.O. has switched to the active phase of their operations – they’ve increased their oil output to get more money and they are building various weapons factories. The terrorists are still in possession of the nuclear warheads that were stolen. Thus we have to act covertly, in order to avoid open face-off with the terrorists, so that the nuclear disaster won’t happen.

    Our Commander-in-Chief has decided to plan a secret operation to destroy terrorists’ strategic bases. I’m going to be honest with you - this operation is extremely difficult and dangerous, because you have to act alone. Any mistake will lead to the nuclear war. You are the best person in our crew and you are the only person capable of solving this difficult situation. We’ll provide you with all modern weapons and crafts you may need. We hope the mission will be successful.


    Air Strike 3D is a modern vertical scrolling shoot-em up game.

    You will pilot heavy battle helicopter equipped with up-to-date weapons and special devices. Your primary mission is to destroy terrorists’ secrete bases and small arms factories located all over the world.

    There are two basic goals in the Air Strike 3D. First, stay alive. Second, eliminate as many enemies as possible to get the highest score.

    During the course of the game, you will be given upgrades for your weapons and missiles, as well as numerous power-ups. For some dead enemies you will be awarded stars, which will raise your rank when you collect them.


There is a wide variety of weapons available in Air Strike 3D. You start the game only with a 1st-level Machine Gun that then can be upgraded or changed to another weapon. To upgrade your weapon, you should collect ammo-packs of certain type. Here is a list of all the weapons.

Primary Weapons

    Machine Gun: Not very powerful, this weapon has a very high rate of fire what makes it very effective against low-armored enemies. Can be upgraded up to 3rd level.

    Impulse Gun: Energy beans of this weapon will blow enemy pilots out of their warm seats.

    Plasma Cannon: One of the most common weapons, the plasma cannon unleashes a deadly stream of plasma bullets at its target.

    Laser Gun: Short laser pulses of the laser gun will melt down any hostile armor.

    Big Plasma Gun: BPG can be extremely useful in the heat of combat thanks to its very large bursts of plasma and its capability of lateral fire.

    G.O.R.O.X.: The real madness. GOROX hoses out plasma pellets like crazy.

    Laser: This highly accurate weapon uses a modern light amplification system to produce deadly streams of accelerated photons. The system must recharge between shots, causing a delay before it can be used again.

    Wave Gun: Splitting energy projectiles of the wave gun can damage up to 3 enemies at one time.

    Meteorite Gun: This incredibly powerful weapon was developed in the secret labs of the Octagon.

    Flamethrower: Armageddon as is.


    Small Missiles: These missiles can be effectively used against slow-moving ground targets such as tanks, jeeps, stationary cannons etc.

    Big Missiles: A supercharged version of common straight-line (non guided) missiles.

    Small Heat Seeking Missiles: This kind of missiles is equipped with auto-guiding system that allows the missile to lock on and pursue the nearest target.

    Big Heat Seeking Missiles: The guiding system of these heavy missiles is automatically disabled after a short period of time to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized detonations.

    M.A.D. Missiles: The great advantage of the M.A.D. Launching System over common missile launchers is its double-firing mode.

Items & Power-Ups

    During the course of the game, you’ll encounter a lot of useful items, which can be picked up by flying over them.


    Star: Collect as many stars as possible to raise your rank.

    50% Repair: This power-up allows you to repair up to 50% of damaged armor.

    100% Repair: Full repair of your helicopter’s armor.

    Energy Shield: The energy shield provides you with the absolute protection of your helicopter for a brief period of time. Use this possibility wisely to deliver the maximum damage to your enemies without any risk to get hurt.

    Uranium Accelerator: Taking this power-up item immediately increases your manoeuvrability for the next 20 seconds.

    Speed Reducer: Slow speed ensures more accurate firing.

    1-Up: One life.


    Cluster Bomb: This explosive item unleashes deadly hail of smaller bombs after being detonated by the impact with the enemy or ground.

    Nuclear Bomb: Very effective Mean o’ Mass Destruction.

    Rocket Strike: A dozen of hungry missiles go hunting so you don’t have to.

    Lightning Bomb: Extremely powerful weapon. No need for aiming. Big electric ball will find targets for its forked lightning strikes without any problems.

Start Game

    Here you will see a box-list with available missions to play. You can choose any mission you like but only the last mission in the list gives you chance to proceed to a new game level. When you successfully complete a mission, new mission will become available for playing.


    Difficulty: This option allows you to choose a difficulty level to play at.

Very Easy
- Kids and grandmas are welcome!
- Rookies, this one is for you.
- Most people should start Air Strike 3D at Normal difficulty level.
- Choose this level once you’re ready.
- I hope you’ll like our ‘Game Over’ sign.

    Also, you can choose your battle chopper in the ‘Start Game’ menu. Over the course of the game you’ll be allowed to pilot new helicopters.

    Press ‘Start’ button to begin the selected mission.


    Below is a list of the default controls. You can change any of these from the ‘Configure Controls’ menu. Joysticks and Gamepads can also be configured from the ‘Configure Controls’ menu.

Move Forward Up Arrow
Move Backward Down Arrow
Move Left Left Arrow
Move Right Right Arrow
Primary Attack Ctrl
Switch Primary Weapon Z
Missile Attack Shift
Switch Missiles X
Use Power-Up Space Bar
Switch Power-Up C

    Special keys

SFX Volume Up F5
SFX Volume Down F6
Music Volume Up F7
Music Volume Down F8
Switch Camera View F9
Take Screenshot F12

Download AirStrike 3D free (8.1M)

Get Full version ($19.95)

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